you're correct about my main point, and yes, I did go on a bit of a rant based 
on some personal irritations which may be a little biased based on personal 

I do believe that the direction liberalism is taking us is good spiritually or 
matierially.  But at the same time, I really don't want to go back to the 
'1920s' mentality that a lot of conservatives seem to gravitate towards.  

Personally, I just wish we could take the good parts of both views and discard 
the bad.  But that would involve breaking down our tendency to identify with 
'group-thinking', which is contrary to most people's nature.  


--- In, Share Long <sharelong60@...> wrote:
> hi seekliberation, I very much enjoyed reading this.  And though I don't 
> agree with all of it, I agree with your main point which I hope I got right: 
>  that some liberals are moving away from religion and spirituality and that 
> this is not good for either the spiritual or the material aspects of life.
> It's quite a conundrum that you present because on one hand liberalism can be 
> seen as an offshoot of communism which had from its inception Karl Marx' idea 
> that religion is the opiate of the masses.  But on the other hand the 
> conservative elements of contemporary society often align with religious 
> extremism or at least fundamentalism.  And these groups are also close 
> minded.  Where is the middle way between these two?  
> That middle way just might be the military and other groups who are mainly 
> interested in what works.  In the presence of religions that are corrupt and 
> those that are extreme, hopefully a rational humanism will emerge that can 
> provide moral guidelines resonant with highly developed people.  I'm 
> thinking of Maslow's high functioning types.       
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> Sent: Monday, February 25, 2013 4:21 AM
> Subject: [FairfieldLife] Is liberalism becoming anti-spirituality?
> After reading an article about California banning Yoga in schools, it made me 
> think about liberalism in America and where it really stands on the subject 
> of spirituality and development of consciousness.  I always thought that of 
> all states and all locations in America, the first one to welcome any form of 
> Yoga, Meditation, and any other form of progressive teaching into its 
> education or government programs, California would definitely be the first.  
> The last element of our society that would promote such teachings would 
> clearly be the ignorant, conservative, gun-toting military.  Especially the 
> Marine Corps, which attracts an exceedingly high percentage of conservatives. 
>  However, much to my surprise, in the last decade the entire US military has 
> begun to make Yoga mandatory in its exercise program to include the Navy 
> Seals, Marine Spec Ops units, the entire Army and many other units.  
> Moreover, the Marine Corps just recently made meditation (not TM,
>  but mindfulness meditation) a required portion of any Marine trying out for 
> the Marine Corp's Special Operations Command.  So essentially, it's the exact 
> opposite of what anyone following spirituality in modern America would 
> expect.  The people liberals tend to hate the most (anyone from a disciplined 
> or structured element of society) seem to be embracing eastern teachings more 
> rapidly than groups that are predominantly liberal.  In fact, my experience 
> with people in the military is that they tend to be more open minded towards 
> those types of teachings than a lot of liberal minded people I know.
> This brings me to a conclusion about liberals.  I think they fall into 
> different categories.  You have some of the new-age spiritual types, like the 
> ones who I remember from my days in Fairfield.  Yes, they are all open-minded 
> towards many controversial subjects such as gay marriage, and their views on 
> economics leans towards socialism.  But their inquisitive nature regarding 
> spirituality indicates to me that they actually are an evolving culture in 
> many ways.  But then you have the other type of liberal.  The purely atheist 
> type like Bill Maher or Janeane Garafalo.  They are likely to have the same 
> social and economic views as the new-age spiritual type of liberal, but they 
> are vehemently against spirituality and religion.  This results in a 
> resistance to any form of spirituality, and I can assure you that TM won't be 
> welcome by such people, regardless of what scientific evidence you spew at 
> them.  In fact, I believe it is the scientific evidence that
>  is guiding the military to embrace such teachings because it is logical and 
> it works.  Regarding liberals, I am beginning to believe that most liberals 
> in the media and public spectrum fall in this category of people who are 
> pre-dispositioned against spiritual and religious teachings.
> I think liberalism is leading us more and more towards atheism rather than 
> faith in anything beyond what the 5 senses can percieve.  I watch Bill Maher 
> and other liberal shows often enough to know that they are representatives of 
> a growing attitude throughout the country.  And if you think about it, 
> gravitating away from spirituality and religion is a must.  I think it is 
> sub-consciousness.  We simply can't have a set of socio-economic moral 
> guidelines anywhere in our society if we are going to behave in a 
> socio-economically immoral manner.  Regardless of how wrong or negative 
> anyone's policies are, nobody wants to be wrong.  Not even Hitler wanted to 
> be wrong.  If you read the translations of many of his speeches, they weren't 
> maniacal, they were inspiring to a society that needed inspiration during 
> hard times.  He had logic that supported his decisions and actions.  But to 
> support the decisions and actions that Americans are currently disposed 
> towards,
>  and to feel right about it, the first step is to remove any teachings that 
> provide moral guidelines that contradict the direction you want to move in.  
> Hence, we must remove spirituality and religion from our society.  Just watch 
> Bill Maher or other popular liberal spokespersons and their attitude towards 
> religion.  They don't just point out that there are a lot of nutcases out 
> there, they try to completely discredit every single religion.  Sort of like 
> throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  You never see them attacking 
> someone like Alan Watts or Eckhart Tolle.  They simply expose only the 
> weirdos, and ingores the geniuses. 
> This is not in any way to say conservatives are right and liberals are wrong. 
>  I know many conservatives who are very ignorant about many things.  I also 
> know many people who believe deeply in Republican/Conservative politics but 
> then they turn around and live a liberal lifestyle that is devoid of any 
> personal responsibility.  Hence, they are liberals in their actions and 
> conservative in their minds.  And many liberals I know, both the atheist and 
> spiritual type are some of the most remarkable people I've ever met.  But  I 
> still contend that the atheist type of liberal demographic is growing faster 
> and is more publicly dominant in the media.  Personally, this is not a 
> direction I think is going to lead us anywhere more positive in terms of 
> neither development of consciousness or materialism.  It's weak on both ends 
> of the spectrum.
> Any thoughts?
> seekliberation

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