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Following are excerpts of the official Global Good News report on the
Kumbha Mela and Maharishi Smarak Inauguration:

Raja Harris has reminded us of Maharishi's request to the Rajas on 9
January 2008:


"What I would like, somewhere, anywhere, is a perpetual memorial for
Invincibility. We have the honour of creating this Invincibility for the
world, and we want to make a perpetual shrine for the world—a place
of pilgrimage in the world. Today, the world has been transformed to
Invincibility, and we should think of a memorial for an invincible

Dr Bevan Morris placed the event in its true global and historical
significance. We are fortunate to participate in the age-old tradition
of taking the holy dip at Prayag as the great sages and saints of
antiquity have done, and as coming generations will continue to do. We
all felt that indeed this is Maharishi's Worldwide Movement come
here to witness an event of extraordinary significance.

Holy Dip at Prayag
About 9.15 on the morning of the 15th, the day of the inauguration and
the auspicious day of Vasant Panchami—the Day of Awakening in the
Vedic calendar—a convoy of Rajas, Ministers and Movement leaders
wound its way to the Maharishi Ashram and then walked to join the
millions of devotees at the ghats of the Sangam (confluence).

They were rowed out to where one can see the different coloured waters
of Ganga and Yamuna meeting and took the delightful dip that was the
sole reason 100 million people came to the Mahakumbh. Many remarked on
how refreshing the water felt, and how purified, settled, and peaceful
they felt afterwards. The atmosphere was pure happiness and peace.

Inaugural meeting
A huge tent had been built near the Smarak.

His Holiness Shankaracharya Vasudevanand Saraswati was seated in the
place of honour with Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam next to him, and all the
Rajas, Ministers and special guests on the grand stage. The pandal
(tent) was filled to capacity with about 2600 guests, and everyone was
warmly welcomed by Dr Girish Varma-ji.

A beautiful message from Maharaja Adiraj Rajaraam (who was taking
silence) was then read by the Prime Minister of the Global Country of
World Peace, Dr Bevan Morris. The message was at once royal, humble,
wise, learned, profound, and moving. Maharaja expressed his appreciation
for the opportunity to be in the presence of the Shankaracharya.

While Maharaja's message was being read the rain came pouring down,
but before closing the meeting Shankaracharya Ji gave his blessing to

Success of the Smarak Inauguration
Dr Girish Varma related how he had contacted an expert Pandit to ask
about the significance of the heavy rain that curtailed the inaugural
ceremony of the Maharishi Smarak on the 15th of February. The tradition
of Smarak is that a Shivalingam is installed, which represents the
person. Dr Varma asked the Pandit if rain should come or not (during or
after the ceremony).

The Pandit replied that rain HAS to come, and he quoted Slokas that say
Varuna Devata has the right to the first Abhishek of the installed
Shivalingam (i.e. rain should bathe the Shivalingam first, before any
other liquid). He said the first drop of rain that falls on the Lingam
completes the ceremony of inauguration. `Then your celebration is

Still not quite satisfied, Dr Varma then checked with a number of people
whether the rain had actually fallen on the Shivalingam. It turned out
from those who were there, that the first rain to enter through the
unfinished roof had fallen directly on the top centre of the
Shivalingam. He gave this fulfilling news to the Pandit, who said
`You should feel Maharishi's presence is really in that
Shivalinga. The inauguration is complete.'

Everyone felt they had achieved what they had come to Prayag, the
ancient city at the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati for, and
all left happy and fulfilled. We all look forward to the final
inauguration of the Maharishi Smarak when it has reached a mature stage
of completion.

This is the full text of Shankaracharya's address:

  [Shankaracharya small] 

All-good to everyone!
Non-good to no one!
Good wishes and blessings to the whole world.
Glory to the benevolent Mother Cow.
Glory to Mother India.
Glory to Mother Ganga.
Glory to the birth place of Sri Raam.
Glory to the birth place of Shri Krishna.
Glory to Kashi Vishwanath ji.
All glory to Lord Shiva.

First of all I would like to bow down to Guru Dev and to the Holy
Tradition of Vedic Masters to which we belong and to which His Holiness
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and all the members of his Global Organizations
also belong.

Amidst the holy gathering of Kumbha Mela 2013, on the auspicious
occasion of Basant Panchami, the Maharishi Smarak that is being built
here is offered to the whole world today.

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is that great master who has carried
the message of his beloved Gurudev in accordance with the Holy

He has brought to light the Vedic knowledge in the light of modern
science and enlivened the eternal Vedic truth: "the individual is
cosmic" to the society and the whole world.

Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam researched this knowledge and propagated it
throughout the world.

I wish in this way Maharishi Ji's message be propagated far and
wide. We will continue to guide Maharishi's programmes to be
implemented in the world according to his wishes.

Without prolonging my speech because Indra seems to be overly pleased
(because of rain)

I offer my good wishes and blessings to all: Maharaja, Rajas, Prime
Minister, all the ministers, the global president of Vishwa Hindu
Parisad: Mr. Ashok Singhal, and all others.

I will now have to go to the Triveni area, because a programme that
requires my presence is already in progress.

I offer my best wishes and blessings to everyone and with these words
would like to conclude my speech:

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

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