Oh, I see.  I'm not as familiar with containers of fruit as I am with cans.  So 
that's what caused the glitch in my memory.  Anyway, what you say about 
samadosha brings up a question I've had for quite a while:  if one pacifies 
kapha, for example, are vata and pitta automatically increased?

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No, I didn't say I ate a whole can.  I said I went to the store and 
bought a container of pineapple slices because I didn't want to cut up a 
*whole* pineapple.  The fresh foods section where the packaged fresh 
lettuce, spinach, etc. also has small containers of fresh sliced 
fruit.   Much less messy than cutting up a whole pineapple and a small 
container cheaper too.  Also a whole pineapple might have spoiled before 
I used it up.  This was a good way to test.  I only ate a slice (cube) 
or two at a time.

I first read heard about returning the body to prakriti a few years back 
in several articles.  Perhaps samadosha was assumed by newbie ayurveda 
followers.  I recall one of the instructors at Dr. Lad's school telling 
me that samadosha wasn't so wonderful as people with that prakriti still 
had problems and correcting them often proved difficult.

On 03/02/2013 07:51 AM, Share Long wrote:
> Well, you said you ate a whole can and it went away!  I couldn't manage that 
> amount but I ate quite a bit.  Chunks.  Organic.  Very yummy.
> No comment about prakriti maybe being more settled than samadosha for some?
> Yeah, I always think the true saints of Fairfield are the people from CA who 
> move here and stay.  Mostly it's for their kids.
> Funny what you said about making a living selling crystals.
> Ok, I see what you mean about right vs left brain dominance.  I still 
> experience the spiritual and material as interpenetrating each other.
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> A half a can of pineapple?  I think the web page only mentions a few
> slices a day.  Pineapple is an anti-inflammatory so will help if the
> tinnitus is due to that. But as the web page mentions there are
> different reasons for tinnitus.
> Haha, I was able to do my morning walk wearing shorts it was already
> that warm.  That's why some of us like to live in Kalifornia.
> Actually the conflict might be between left and right brained people not
> so much materialism and spirituality.  Or maybe the spiritual folks will
> come out on the winning side anyway.
> On 03/01/2013 12:03 PM, Share Long wrote:
>> Hmmm, that's very interesting about switching emphasis from samadosha to 
>> prakriti.  My guess is that prakriti has a built in settledness whereas 
>> trying to be samadosha could produce strain in someone who's not.
>> BTW, I ate half a can of pineapple the other day.  I think the ringing in 
>> ears decreased some.  Thanks for tip.
>> And I thought FF had changeable weather!  One learns to layer clothing.
>> About materialism and spirituality:  some days the most concrete aspects of 
>> earthly life are also the most divine (-:
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>> On 03/01/2013 02:48 AM, navashok wrote:
>>> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Bhairitu  wrote:
>>>> You mean the monsoon season?  Today in California it was winter
>>>> overnight, spring in the morning, summer in the afternoon and fall in
>>>> the evening. :-D
>>>> I found the tape.  I need to digitize it so it's easier to find sections
>>>> and EQ it better.
>>>> "Om Rama Krisna Hari" is for pitta but may also be tridoshic.
>>> Do you know why this is so? Does it have anything to do with the deities, 
>>> like Vishnu usually being associated with water, Devi with fire etc. or is 
>>> it purely phonetic? Btw. I'm samadosha, last time they checked (which is 
>>> long time ago)
>> A bit of both since the deities are associated with the elements and
>> their names create the effect.  I recall the goal in ayurveda was to
>> function samadosha but now the prevailing thought is to return you to
>> your constitution (prakrati).


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