Natural effortlessness.


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Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Question for TM Cheerleaders
Oh come on - Marshy always said TM was better than other meditations - for that 
to be true, the particular set of mantras have to be superior to all others. If 
not, what would then make TM better than other meditations?


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Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: Question for TM Cheerleaders
All MMY claimed about TM mantras was:  1) they are not om or some other 
monk-oriented mantra (if there are any, in his mind);  2) he deemed them to be 
suitable for householders;  3) some mantras were more suitable for some people 
than than others, and he chose a simple set that was reasonably beneficial for 
anyone, though each was presumably more beneficial for some people than others. 
 MMY never claimed to be the ultimate expert on such matters. The impression he 
gave was that he intuited a few things from the tradition that he thought were 
most important and made them part of the TM canon.  L --- In, "seekliberation"  wrote: > > They are 
superior in that if you pay for them, it fills up the TMO's pockets with more 
money.  More money = Superior.  >  > seekliberation >  > --- In, Michael Jackson  wrote: > >  > >  > > 
My question is, if the TM mantras are superior, how are they
 superior? > > >           

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