I assume you may be talking about me here.  No problem.  What was the
type of meditation practiced with Rama that provided such  profound
experiences?  Was it an effortless meditation, or one that involved

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> And if you are interested in challenging their supposed
> truth or value. In my experience, it's these "core" or
> *never challenged* beliefs that persist the longest, and
> are toughest to either recognize or challenge. Stuff like
> *assuming* that "effortless is better," or that "the only
> way to transcend is via effortlessness." People have been
> repeating that meme for so long -- in most cases *without
> ever trying a technique not based on effortlessness to
> see if it's really true* -- that they no longer realize
> that it's a fundamental belief that underlies and shapes
> all other beliefs they have about meditation in general,
> and sometimes about life itself.

> And it's a real *challenge*, both to identify these core
> beliefs, to challenge them when you do, and then to drop
> them if you find them not true or not valuable for you.
> This is more effort than most people who've invested for
> many years in a spiritual tradition are willing to expend.
> They pay "lip service" to having walked away, but *when*
> they walk away, they do so still carrying years of indoc-
> trination and beliefs as baggage.

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