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> > > Greetings,
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> > > I've been enjoying all your Fairfield Life posts for a few 
> > > years now.
> > > 
> > > The first time I had an inkling of Maharishi was when I was 
> > > 15 years old in the summer of 1961. I was sitting at the 
> > > kitchen window reading the paper, and there he was, in an 
> > > announcement of an up-an-coming lecture at the University 
> > > of British Columbia in Vancouver.
> > > 
> > > I was initiated in 1969 and until my 6-month course in St. 
> > > Moritz came to an end in 1976 I was pretty involved in what 
> > > many of us thought of as THE Movement.
> > 
> > ML, What went wrong at the end of Gov training then in '76 
> > that you fell away?  Just wondering.
> Can't speak for soundofstillness, but I was on that St.
> Moritz course and it was pretty much the end for me, too.

Ooops. Rereading SOS' post, if his St. Moritz course 
actually *ended* in 1976, he might have been there a 
year earlier than me. Mine ended in 1977. 

> It wasn't so much anything that went down on the course
> itself, except for Maharishi not bothering to show up 
> even once (a first for me, in all of my previous courses),
> the sidhis being a stone bore, and the reading of those
> interminable vedaverses even more boring. For me it was
> more about what I came back to find in the US.
> The uber-fascist aspects of the TMO had pretty much taken
> over. Jerry was still around but obviously was on his way
> to being tossed out, the people running the centers were
> becoming Meditation McCarthyists, spying on other teachers
> and meditators and subjecting them to Inquisitions to find 
> out if they were "worthy" of being allowed to go to TTC or
> on an ATR course. Often people were denied that "worthiness"
> because of grevious sins such as one of the center fascists 
> having seen "the wrong kind of book" (for example, "Auto-
> biography of a Yogi" or Castaneda's "Tales Of Power") on 
> their bookshelves, or [horrors!] living with their boyfriends
> or girlfriends without being married. (And of course, the same 
> people banning these "sinners" had the same books on *their* 
> bookshelves and were fucking like bunnies, just not living 
> together.)
> The only "center functions," at least in L.A., were deadly
> serious and boring. Fun was definitely considered Off The
> Program. Almost no one was coming to learn TM; intro lectures
> at the main location in multimillion population Los Angeles
> often had 2-3 people in the audience, none of whom signed up.
> People who had learned the sidhis pooled their money and 
> rented a grungy warehouse in West L.A., and for a short time 
> I actually tried to make the effort to go there. But the 
> grunting and shouting and trashing about in fits of what 
> doctors would have called epilepsy or Tourettes Syndrome 
> finally wore me down, as did the very idea of driving across 
> town twice a day like a lemming to do something *I didn't even 
> enjoy doing*. 
> So I bailed, and just left. No drama, no goodbyes...I just
> stopped showing up. 
> Best decision of my life.

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