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> As Ravi noted Judy, no one has any obligation to reveal
> personal details about themselves.  You feel that you
> have done this.   I'd have to disagree.

Uh, no, Steve, I don't "feel" that I have done this,
I *have* done this. It isn't a matter of agreement
or disagreement, it's a fact and is on the record.

> And what I am saying, is that it comes out naturally
> over a period of time.  We knew more about Ann in two
> weeks, than we've known about you in all the time
> you've been here.

That is not a fact, Steve. It's very far from a fact.

> I can't help but feel that that speaks to the fact
> that maybe there's not much there to share.  I'm
> sorry about that.

I'm sorry that you've chosen lying as the appropriate
way to get back at me.

What liars never seem to realize is that lying is an
admission of defeat, as well as of a lack of


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> >
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> > >
> > > Yes - Steve, you can't even notice the contradictions in
> > > what you write. FFL is a place for discussion, so Judy
> > > doesn't have to reveal anything about herself - it's like
> > > you hilariously accused her of - a straw man argument.
> >
> > Not only that, it's not true that I haven't revealed
> > anything about myself, as I pointed out to him awhile
> > back when he made the same nitwit accusation.
> >
> > As I told Ann, he doesn't have any legitimate complaints,
> > so he just makes 'em up. And then calls me dishonest.

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