We now have another chance to see Curtis demonstrate
how little integrity he has.

He will not correct Barry's deliberate misrepresentation
in this post of the exchange he was having with me.

And that's really all you need to know about Curtis.

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, turquoiseb <no_reply@...> wrote:
> I find it difficult to believe that anyone can see the
> events of the last few days on FFL as anything other than
> the same people repeating the same things they've done 
> for years.
> First, Judy attempts to lure Curtis into one of her long,
> "I win by definition" arguments by *appearing* to ask 
> reasonable questions. Then Curtis falls for it, and tries
> his best to address her questions, while respecting the
> fact that she sees things that way, given her near-absolute
> lack of experience within the TMO, and that she is trying 
> her best to pretend that the reality of the TMO and the 
> things it teaches are the same as that presented in the 
> intro lectures.
> As *everyone* here expected, within a couple of posts Judy
> was back to name-calling. That WAS the whole purpose of her
> questions in the first place, after all, to open up an
> opportunity for her to yell at one of her long-term enemies
> and attempt to get other people to do the same. And sure
> enough, her cohorts in idiocy did just that, with Ann, Ravi,
> and Jim piling on to diss not only Curtis, but *anyone* who
> found what he said accurate, or even interesting. 
> WHY do people keep falling for this shit? You KNOW what is
> going to happen if you interact with Judy Stein? You KNOW
> that within a couple of "pretend nice" posts she'll have 
> turned it into another of her bat-shit-crazy demonization 
> sessions. WHY do you even bother to get involved? 
> The woman is not worth pissing on, much less conversing
> with. ANYONE here, including Steve, myself, and anyone with
> half a brain and a memory, KNEW what was going to happen
> the moment that Curtis took the bait. And, of course, 
> it did. 
> The amazing part to me is that people who actually WERE 
> part of the TMO, and got involved with it past the point
> of the duplicitous intro lectures, bother to try to argue
> things with a couple of people who never did. (Jim and 
> Judy) THEY never had any experience of what was *really*
> taught to TM teachers, and of the pressures put on them
> to make sacrifices and ignore other responsibilities to
> be "full-time" and to "go on the Next Course, the one 
> that will finally work for you." Neither of them cared
> enough about Maharishi and his teachings to ever even
> try to MEET Maharishi, ferchrissakes. EVERYTHING they
> say is based on taped lectures or stuff they've read;
> NOTHING based on rubber-meets-the-road experience within
> the organization they're so desperate to defend, at the
> peon level, the level of student that Maharishi didn't
> even bother to try to rip off and indoctrinate...unless
> they were rich, of course. 
> So what they do is parrot the things that *they* heard,
> in the intro lectures and the few short courses they did
> manage to show up for, and pretend that this is "how TM
> was really taught." That's total BULLSHIT, and I'm aghast
> that people keep falling for it. 
> Please, people, LEARN from this and "avoid the pain that
> has not yet come" next time. The *next* time Judy tries
> to lure one of you into her endless arguments, recognize
> in advance that all she is doing is trying to set up yet 
> another opportunity to yell at someone. That's ALL she 
> has, and ALL that she lives for. She's the Internet 
> counterpart of a shopping cart lady, cruising the streets 
> looking deperately for someone -- ANYONE -- to scream at. 
> Do what smart passersby learn to do with such bag ladies, 

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