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> Yeah, I agree that often times discussions may get somewhat 
> drab. But at the same time, I guess we'll eventually wear 
> out some of the same old topics to a point where we resort 
> to simple political discussions which is when the wolves 
> come out of the den.  

The things people identify with enough to get all
emotional about. Go figure. 

> I know that between you and me, we've both seen eye to eye 
> on narcissism within spiritual movements everywhere, and 
> it bothers us both the same.  

Absolutely. It's a veritable pandemic. 

> I think that has been a hot topic over the past few months 
> or longer. But I can also see how some would view that as 
> bieng a boring post too, so I guess i'm as guilty as anyone 
> else.  

I can certainly see how many, if not most, people would not
be interested in the things that interest me. But I rap about
them anyway from time to time, just to see if anyone else is.
To be honest, I find that I often have more spiritual conver-
sations in bars than here on FFL. Isn't that interesting?

I honestly don't know whether it was the time I spent with
the Rama guy or whether it's something I was born with, but
I'm more attracted these days to "street spirituality" than
I am to "theoretical spirituality." The latter just leaves
me cold. But the former, when someone can rap about how their
spirituality measured up to the real world, down where the
rubber meets the road, that perks my ears up. 

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> > There is NO QUESTION that I rarely stretch myself on FFL
> > these days. You may call it laziness, but I tend to see
> > it more as a combination of lack of inspiration (from 
> > other posters) and lack of an appropriate audience (many
> > of the other posters, especially the ones who like to 
> > dominate threads here). 
> > 
> > Few "spiritual" subjects posed as thread-starters on FFL
> > these days float my boat. My bad. Some are way too lost-
> > in-the-head for me to identify with enough to respond to,
> > and others are too proprietarily-attached-to-someone's-
> > brand-of-spirituality for me to get into. 
> > 
> > I actually *do* like to rap about cool things, but lately
> > my definitions of "cool" have been veering away from many
> > people's on FFL. No harm, no foul. But I find that I have
> > to go elsewhere these days to get into a really cool 
> > discussion about spiritual things I'm interested in.
> >

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