Yep - I get summoned all the time too, though I am hoping my latest discussion 
in the courtroom has tempered that. If the courthouse is that far away, show 
up, tell them you don't have reliable transportation and it would be a hardship 
to get back and forth. They will excuse you. Lots of folks try to say they are 
too valuable at work - not a valid excuse vs. civic duty, though losing money 
as a consultant sure is, as a financial hardship. 

--- In, Bhairitu <noozguru@...> wrote:
> Speaking of jury duty, I got a jury summons the other day for a county 
> courthouse 20 miles away!  I live at the county seat and the main 
> courthouse is right here just a few miles away.  So why the fuck are 
> they wanting me to go to that courthouse?  And why in a county with over 
> a million population why do I get a summons every two years?  That's 
> just not right.  The reason why is probably like the dumb ass DHS jerks 
> many of the people who work in government are out of touch with 
> reality.  They just behave like robots.  I'm going to fight this summons 
> and try to get the issue publicized.  However a friend who lives in this 
> town says that courthouse is supposed to be closed. Perhaps just 
> postponing my jury duty might push to the date where it is closed and 
> the cases moved locally.  What a jerk off place the US is becoming.
> On 03/13/2013 07:40 PM, doctordumbass@... wrote:
> > I was recently excused from a jury after stating to the prosecutor that 
> > both the practice of convicting someone with intent to commit a crime, when 
> > they did not have the intent, and the practice of using inmate testimony 
> > against the defendant, were legal concepts I could not accept. Also said 
> > that I could not automatically trust the testimony of a police officer (due 
> > to life experience). I wasn't belligerent, and framed my responses clearly 
> > and respectfully. Gotta stand up for our rights - no one else will.
> >
> > On the other hand, I am very grateful to have a police force in place, 
> > though there are obvious limits on their power.
> >
> > --- In, Duveyoung <no_reply@> wrote:
> >> Who here has the guts of these guys?
> >>
> >> You'd think all of us would have suchlike, but not me.  These guys are 
> >> heroes --  wizards of "holding onto rights."
> >>
> >> Where did TM ever push the concept that we'd all turn into heroes of 
> >> righteousness of any sort?  The TMO wanted sheep not shepherds.  Anyone 
> >> trying to lead was kicked out, right?
> >>
> >> I don't think contacting the transcendent EVER made me even a titch 
> >> braver....let alone "one of Arjuna's pals."
> >>
> >> And I haven't heard shit-one from any TMer here about my concept that TM 
> >> doesn't change personality -- except for the conventional processes of 
> >> ordinary human psychology.  IT DOESN'T.  Fairfield has the exact same 
> >> number of saints as any other town its size.
> >>
> >> BAH!
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >
> >

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