> Every day we look in the mirror to see what we look like...
Maybe so, but the eye cannot see itself, so there must be a 
thought before we take action. The question is, when or who 
thought the first thought? Maybe there is a Paraclete in 
the string, on the other side.

Maybe the Logos is a creative intelligence that formed the 
cosmos out of original chaos. Show me your face before your 
mother was born!

In all, an unfolding of truth conciousness within. As it is
written: "Ecce enim regnum Dei *intra* vos est" - the 
Kingdom of Heaven lies within you.

In the beginning God had a first thought which in turn 
produced the universe. That first thought was very subtle, 
yet contained within itself the power to create other 
thoughts in rapid succession over a period of just days. 

God thought this was very good and so he created many 
words and phrases to describe the Ultimate Reality. 

The Father is all powerful yet, even He meditated on the 
seventh day! Go figure. 

Seeing the Light, that is, to gain enlightenment, total 
knowledge and experience of the Transcendent, is the 
realization of the way things really are: the purusha, 
which is the absolute, completely separate from activity; 
prakriti, which is the self-creation, the gunas always
in action; and the Avatar, the bridge which is the Way, 
the One who shows and points out the obvious: Reflection 
Being - not this, not that, nor both, nor neither. 

The Word Incarnate is the embodiment of Wisdom: we 
should meditate on that Word, and reflect on its meaning. 

It's just you and the Paraclete, the invisible surrogate, 
the Holy Spirit, that rises within you as you sit with 
eyes closed. 

All you have to do is call to mind all that is "I Am" as 
taught by your own Advocate, and remember a previously 
experienced state of Being. It's that simple.

"The deep [primordial sea] was not, when I was born,
there were no springs to gush with water. Before the 
hills, I came to birth; before he made the earth, the 
countryside, or the first grains of the world's dust.
When he fixed the heavens firm, I was there, when he 
drew a ring on the surface of the deep..." 

A Word of Wisdom - softly repeated, first as a sound, 
then silence.

"The Lord created me in the beginning of his works
before all else that he made, long ago. Alone I was 
fashioned in times long past, at the beginning, long 
before earth itself."

According to the scriptures in the beginning God 
created the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word 
was God (John. 1:1-18). In the beginning, before time, 
Yahweh had Wisdom, his beautiful Sophia, as his companion 
when he created the world (Proverbs (8:22-31).

She is not only God's helper in the creative process but 
also serves as God's channel of communications with 
humanity during mental reflection. 

Wisdom meditation is both the agent and the means of 
creation and the revealer of the divine mind. In this 
process God's first act was to speak, i.e. to create the 
Logos, by which power heaven and earth came into being. 

The Logos denotes higher reason, the intellectual force
that intelligently orders and sustains the universe, 
making it accessible to the human mind as creative 

The Incarnation is the Word made flesh in humanity 
through the Word, which is the embodiment of God's 
creative Wisdom, which is revealed in the Paraclete, 
that is, the Holy Spirit. 

The Paraclete is the Holy Spirit, whose purpose is to 
reveal God's true likeness, to portray the spiritual 
reality during meditation. 

Those who are drawn to the glory indwelling by the 
Paraclete recieve new life in the Word is the 
primordial sound (I Am) and enter the Rapture. Maybe.

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