Everyone seems to forget, that Maharishi, due to his age, does not 
travel, anymore;
As he used to in the old days; and because of his remarkable 
presence; when he is available 'live' and in person; 
A living example of Unity Consciousness;
He has been limited in his being able to track across the world as 
he used to;
And now has to rely on the limited creativity and collective 
consciousness, of the obnoxious people who all they want is "Daddy 
to take care of them.
Now "Daddy" has moved passed the need to travel;
And has given out as much as he can...
But still the kids want Daddy Maharishi, to snap his fingers and 
make it all better.
Some have gone to the female guru(s) for Mothering, and have been 
hugged and blessed.

Some are praising Shakti/Shiva, and trying to attain the maximum 
orgasmic experience, which could enlighten the world or at least the 
climax's at the time.

Some are focused on Maharishi's affections to women he might have 
had a loving relationship with.

Some love to praise Buddha, and Jesus, and they know the way to God, 
is just "Let Jesus into your heart.

Who knows who's right?

No one can really give you the enlightenment you seek.
In the end, you're left with yourself, to figure out what works for 

Maharishi can't help save you from the world, and Maharishi, can't 
save the world from itself.

Someone besides Maharishi has some responsibility;
To do what the hell they are complaining about.
And grow up and take some goddamned action.

What about that, Mr. & Ms. Anonymous?>>>? >>>?>>>!

> > > > MMY is being explicit about the failure.  You and
> > > > Barry are blaming him for it.
> > > > 
> > > > But which of these two are you blaming him for?
> > > > 
> > > > 1.  He thought it could be done, but he was wrong.
> > > > 
> > > > 2.  It *could* have been done, but he failed to do it.>>>
> > > 
> > > Neither:
> > > 3. If it could be done, has he done it the right way?
> > > Answer: Half of what he did was genius. Half of what he did 
> > > was .....well....stupid. 
> > > This is the Enigma of Maharishi tha Rick often talks about.
> > 
> > Yeah, but what I'm asking is whether you believe it
> > could have been done if he'd done it 100 percent 
> > "the right way."
> It doesn't matter.  What matters is that *he* stopped
> believing it could be done, and thus stopped trying,
> shifting his efforts to making money and making an
> image.

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