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> >> I even found green food coloring for my beer!
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> >> Erin go Bragh
> >>
> >> Éirinn go Brách
> >>
> >> Ireland Forever
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> > Yes, the restaurant that I visited for lunch today was celebrating St. 
> > Patrick's Day.  But no, it was a Mexican restaurant at the Mission District 
> > in SF.  FWIW, I had a machaca dish with horchata for my drink.  So, there 
> > you have it.
> This is my niece's birthday.  So I sent her a green card, literally it 
> was printed on green cardstock.  She's lives in Arizona so it was a bit 
> of an "inside" joke.

I used to work in Fort Huachuca, AZ many years ago.  It's anything but green 
over there.  Sage brush country is what I remember.  But one restaurant was 
celebrating St. Patrick's over there too with banners saying, "Erin go Bragh".  
It was also in another restaurant  that I ate a large portion of bison meat for 
dinner.  It was delicious.

For historical perpective, the US Army originally established Fort Huachuca to 
pacify the Apaches who were riding on a rampage in that land over a hundred 
years ago.  Now the Army has a major communications command that spans 
worldwide.  How that happened is still a mystery to me.  Maybe Goldwater had 
something to do with it.


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