Rightly, or wrongly, (I haven't researched it), I picked up along the
way that St. Patrick, "driving out all the snakes" of Ireland referred
to an ethnic cleansing of sorts of the celts, or those who had "pagan"
traditions..  And of course I'm sure it would have involved torture and
killing and the like.  For that reason, I never could really quite "get
into" the holiday.

Exception made for the bag pipers!

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> >> I even found green food coloring for my beer!
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> >> Erin go Bragh
> >>
> >> Éirinn go Brách
> >>
> >> Ireland Forever
> >>
> > Yes, the restaurant that I visited for lunch today was celebrating
St. Patrick's Day. But no, it was a Mexican restaurant at the Mission
District in SF. FWIW, I had a machaca dish with horchata for my drink.
So, there you have it.
> This is my niece's birthday. So I sent her a green card, literally it
> was printed on green cardstock. She's lives in Arizona so it was a bit
> of an "inside" joke.

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