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> > Issues concerning race and the history of the blues is
> > one of my favorite topics, personally and professionally.
> > Thanks for the writing prompt Nabbie.
> Translation: Thanks, Nabby, for providing something I can
> use to get back at you (by shifting the context) for
> insulting me.
> > Nabbie's  use of the them  "wannabe Negro" joins a long
> > dark history of racist terms
> Unless, of course, it's not a racist term.
> > disparages not only black people, but the whole human
> > endeavor of the arts. If we identify any form of art by
> > the race of the person who invented it, we are denying
> > their brilliant artistic ability to express feelings
> > common to all races.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harlem_Renaissance
> > If we ridicule a person who performs a style of music as
> > being a "wannabe" of the race who invented the style, we
> > are saying two things.  That only the people of the race
> > who invented it can legitimately express themselves in
> > that art form, and that races are simultaneously shut
> > out of certain art forms because of their race.
> Or maybe "we" are saying the person so designated isn't
> very good at performing that style, that they don't meet
> the standard established by the folks who invented it.
> Whether accurately or not, that seems to have been what
> Nabby was saying:
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FairfieldLife/message/338208
> So how about it, Nabby, are there some white performers
> you would consider "genuine negroes" in this sense, who
> *do* meet the standard?

Or maybe, shock horror, Nabby just doesn't like Curtis because
of his opinions about Marshy and so tries to insult him whenever
he can in whatever way he can.

Perhaps you want to quiz him about the term Hillbilly why you're
about it?

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