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> dear Buck, I find I cannot quite grasp what is meant
> by "extraordinary times of community need" in the FFL
> context. Did such times occur in the past?

Posting limits were lifted (for a couple weeks, as I
recall) when Maharishi died. Not too hard to grasp, I
don't think.

> Something biblical perhaps?


> Who would determine that such times were upon us?

Rick, of course.

> And could such determination be made without undue pressure
> on any one individual?  Speak!

I have no idea what that means. Maybe Buck will.

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> >
> > Curtis did, in fact, overpost, but that's because he kept getting an error 
> > on the website while trying to send his 50th post. Curtis emailed me, and I 
> > sent it on to Rick for him to pass judgment from upon high. Rick let him 
> > slide.
> > 
> >
> Point of order, spare the rod spoil the writer. 
> 50 posts per week is way more than enough to say what needs to be said. What 
> is anyone saying even with coming close to 50 posts that they couldn't say 
> more judiciously in 30 posts per week?  The lack of civility that is endemic 
> too often in posting here is only helped along with the lack of severity in 
> administering the community guidelines.  We should all be better here with a 
> 30 post limit exept in extraordinary times of community need. 
> Sincerely, 
> -Buck

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