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> It turns out that the EEG pattern of long-term TMers during TM remains the 
> same as the EEG pattern found in short-term TMers: it's simple relaxation, no 
> matter how long you have been doing it. Pure Consciousness is just the same 
> pattern in its most extreme form.
> In every other meditation technique with published research, you see a shift 
> away from simple relaxation towards something different, as you become more 
> experienced.
> In other words, I wouldn't trust the words of a non-TM teacher with regards 
> to your TM practice. They literally don't understand where you are at and can 
> only attempt to transform your practice into their practice.
> L

And conversely, a TM teacher may not have any understanding of what happens 
with other forms of meditation. Now the ones I have been familiar with all had 
basically the same kind of minimal effortless kind of instruction as TM; none 
were overtly of the concentration type. But awareness does shift in a different 
way with these other meditations.

The misunderstanding goes both ways.

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