I'll take a story like this any time, Ann.
Very nice.
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> Funny you should ask. For a start, I am sitting here in my beautiful
house that my husband and I built, it is blowing and raining outside, I
hear the wind in the chimney, the slash of water against the windows and
I sense the presence of the man I love most in the world sitting behind
me. On the couch next to him is my beloved dog Jesse who survived
life-threatening paralysis thanks to a successful $13,000 back surgery.
That is how precious she is to me. She follows me everywhere, looks for
any opportunity to do something for me, brings me my horse brushes,
carries my gloves, picks up a pen I have dropped. She radiates devotion
and real dog love in my direction every waking moment. She sleeps under
my side of the bed to stay as close to me as possible.
> I have just finished a dinner that my husband cooked for me consisting
of fresh asparagus, new potatoes and organic farm raised lamb we buy
from a good friend of ours down the road, who was a member of the
Canadian Equestrian team and who now, at the age of 70, has retired her
fabulous imported German dressage horse in order to raise sheep because
she loves living on the land and having animals to feed and to nurture
although she eventually has them slaughtered for their meat.
> I have put to bed six wonderful horses who rely on me to feed and
house and keep them safe and secure. They are in their stalls now
munching on green hay with clean pine shavings to lie on and I have
secured the barn doors against the wind we are forecast to have tonight.
I feel good about the fact that I can provide an environment of safety
and routine for them. And I look forward to smelling their clean scent
of horsiness in the morning as I walk into the barn at 7am precisely to
start a new round of feeding, cleaning and exercising them.
> I run a business that I love. I take a few moments at the end of each
day to assess how I did on this day and think ahead to tomorrow to
determine how I can do it better. I love the women I employ and I enjoy
the challenges dealing with the public and figuring out how to serve
their needs the best I can.
> So, while I am not in Paris in some chic cafe watching the clientele
savour their wine and I do not have the privilege of walking the scenic
Parisian streets to return to my French apartment I am sitting here
looking forward to tomorrow, hearing the wind and the rain, feeling my
dog and my husband, still tasting the lamb, knowing the horses are
settled and happy and that I live in one of the most beautiful islands
on the planet. Would I like to be in Paris? Sure. Is there still life
worth living elsewhere? I already answered that.
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