I interpreted it as Curtis letting us/FFL know his potential travel plans, 
perhaps indirectly, in that he informed the group through a question to Barry, 
but no matter - he didn't add a specific prompt in the subject line to push 
that agenda.  I enjoy hearing how other people's lives are unfolding and having 
never been to Majorca, I want to hear details, details man, details.  Pictures, 
food descriptions, travel log or blog, or whatever, if he decided to go.  

How many times does Share pose specific questions and responses to specific 
people on this public forum?  Cracks me up every time - as if she doesn't want 
to hear feedback from whoever - as if she's worried that if she doesn't tailor 
the subject line, she won't be heard by who she wants to be heard by.  And 
perhaps she won't - oh well.  Those that follow this forum and the 
conversations don't seem to need personal prompts, at least in the past that 
was the case.   Perhaps she should be emailing people privately? 

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>>  One would have thought you had Barry's email address. No?
>> >
>> Yes I have many people's emails.  When I use this board I
>> am inviting people to join into the discussion as they
>> already have.
>Even though you addressed your question specifically to
>Barry ("Hey Barry, Would you mind rapping about Majorca
>for a minute?") because you figured he'd been to Majorca,
>but you didn't invite everyone else to comment. OK.
>I guess it's just that if I were inviting everyone to
>comment, I would have written something like, "Hey,
>anybody been to Majorca? Barry, you were there on that
>TTC, and you've lived in Sitges; how about you?"
>> Thanks for the concern and for adding so much to the
>> discussion.
>No prob. It gave you a chance to gloat publicly about
>your good fortune while seeming only to be asking for
>information from Barry. Just your natural modesty; no
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>> > > >
>> > > > So did I, but not in Majorca. It was kind of a naive thing to ask 
>> > > > Barry publicly, Curtis, just because he lived briefly in the country. 
>> > > > Like someone asking you all about Omaha, Nebraska, because you live in 
>> > > > DC, because both cities are in the same country.> 
>> > > 
>> > > Such a labored, contrived attempt at a putdown.   Barry lived in Sitgis 
>> > > near Barcelona.  That is where you leave from to get to the closest, 
>> > > most popular tourist Island in the Mediterranean off that coast. As more 
>> > > of a native working there he might not have been interested.  But my 
>> > > question was closer to asking a resident of Massachusetts if they had 
>> > > ever visited Nantucket Island,knowing that he had been there before a 
>> > > long time ago.
>> > 
>> > One would have thought you had Barry's email address. No?
>> >

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