My wish for Judy, based on one her last posts. (ooopsie, from last week
that is)

--- In, obbajeeba <no_reply@...> wrote:
> Since over the limit count takes penalties to through the next week, I
thought we can play a game here with Judy. Either have her hysterically
laughing or really steamed at the ears.
> Let's see if anyone wants to join in to make Auth want to post.
> Was there not a day that went by when the Turq reached close to his
usb port to plug in his keyboard so it reaches to
his bed area, right next to, cozy to, his dogs, wink, so he can
delightfully type love notes to Judy?
> I remember a time when Judy gave Barry a nudge of confidence boost by
spanking him for something we can only imagine.
> Dancing the two in photo shop images contest?!
> Random ideas to pry her accurate mind and fingers to send away as MJ
did by "accident," conflicting with the save draft mode....

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