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> In this video, the narrator will ask you to determine what is in his bag.  
> Can you guess what it is?  Please don't cheat and tell us if you got it right 
> or not.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IH5_Xcq8EnM
> PS
> You don't have to watch the entire video clip.  You can go directly to the 
> end of the video to find out.
> The most important message in this video is that you are completely relaxed 
> in your mind and then see what is the shape or texture of the object is.  
> That image that you see is more likely the correct answer.
> It's important that you draw the image on a piece of paper for confirmation 
> of your remote viewing.

Interesting... I was in bed, reading this post last night on my iPad, and while 
I didn't watch any of the video last night, I did have the thought that there 
was a doughnut in the bag. 

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