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> >> On 03/23/2013 09:44 AM, Bhairitu wrote:
> >>> Since I run Linux and Ubuntu I decided that I'd better update to Ubuntu
> >>> 12.04 LTS (Long Term Support) before the month runs out because support
> >>> for 10.04 which I currently run will end.  So I click on the upgrade and
> >>> it looked like everything went smooth. Rebooted and got a screen saying
> >>> the system couldn't find the boot partition.  Argh!  So since I have
> >>> another computer in the room I ran it to search for answers.  Most of
> >>> the problems had to do with old software and dependencies for those.
> >>> This was not going to be an easy fix.  What had happened is that the
> >>> upgrade didn't actually complete though it acted like it did.
> >>>
> >>> So I gave up BUT of course I had made an image backup of the 10.04 boot
> >>> partition with Clonezilla and copied it back.  Reboot and back to
> >>> 10.04.  This afternoon I'll try again this time uninstalling the one
> >>> particular program that was the culprit before running the upgrade.
> >>> Before Winders users feel smug I've seen similar problems doing Winders
> >>> upgrades.  And before someone recommends Linux Mint which I run off of
> >>> pen drives on other computers I would love to do that but apparently the
> >>> Android emulators only can run in GPU mode on Ubuntu and I need that for
> >>> testing super high density devices like 5" phones with 1080x1920 displays.
> >> Well that was fun (NOT!)  Decided that Ubuntu's Unity interface is not
> >> for professional software developers so reinstalled 10.04 again.  In the
> >> process noticed that the support for 10.04 may have been extended to
> >> 2015 probably because a lot of Ubuntu users HATE the unity GUI.   It is
> >> hard to know until you actually are trying to use your everyday tools
> >> whether or not a new GUI is going to work for you until you actually try
> >> it.  Just doing the Live CD didn't tell me much.
> >>
> > Sounds like Ubuntu released the Windows 8 of Linux.
> >
> >
> People have called it Ubuntu's "Vista".  It is so dumb it reminded me of 
> Microsoft's "Bob". :-D
Couldn't you just have installed Xubuntu?

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