Re: The Venn Diagram Of Irrational Nonsense

Fowarded to FFL by a shade I met in a dream:

"My dear FFLers

Until my eyes died and gave me all-seeing vision I was unaware 
of your august journal. But what a shock to my ethereal 
system! My life's work, what? "Bollocks"? BOLLOCKS? And all 
neatly classified too: "Religious BOLLOCKS", "Quackery 
BOLLOCKS", "Pseudoscientific BOLLOCKS" (now there's irony, 
ed.), and (Lord preserve us) "Paranormal BOLLOCKS". I am
deeply humbled."

Poor chap, eh? It seems the deceased was a Professor Archie 

<< A fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and professor of 
Astronomy at Glasgow University, Roy was the world authority 
on the mechanics of orbits, on which he carried out research 
long before computers were capable of doing the work for him. 
In the 1960s and 1970s he worked as a consultant to Nasa, 
helping to put the first man on the Moon. He also had an 
asteroid, 5806 Archie-roy, named in his honour.

But he became better known among the general public for his 
research into the spirit world. This began in the 1950s after 
he lost his way in Glasgow's old university library and found 
shelves of books on spiritualism and psychical research.

"My first ignorant reaction was 'What is this rubbish doing in 
a university library?'," he recalled. "But curiosity made me 
open some of the books. I was surprised to recognise some of 
the authors of this 'rubbish', such as Sir Oliver Lodge, 
Professor William James, Professor Sir William Crookes, and so 
on. My balloon of ignorance was punctured by the needle of my 
scientific curiosity, and I found myself called up to a new 
career. >> 

Professor Archie Roy, born June 24 1924, died December 27 2012

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