Q. (1) Did the Syrian authorities use chemical weapons in Homs recently?
(2) Have chemical weapons been used against the opposition forces in
other parts of Syria?

A. (1) No. (2) No.

Q. What is your opinion of carbon emissions trading?

A. It is dishonest and does not help the fabric of the planet.

Q. Is nuclear pollution the worst aspect of environmental destruction?

A. Yes.

Q. (1) Just as there will be an emergency plan in the short term to feed
the starving and the malnourished, do the Masters have a blueprint about
what needs to be dealt with as a matter of urgency with regard to the
terrible degradation we have caused to our planet? (2) What will be the
first emergency tasks to save our planet?

A. (1) Yes. (2) Clearly, a lessening of the `carbon footprint'
of everyone on the planet.

Q. Is the skeleton that was exhumed in a carpark in Leicester, England,
in September 2012, really that of King Richard III?

A. Yes, it was King Richard III, maligned by Shakespeare and of course
the Tudor dynasty.

Q. Given that Benjamin Creme wrote on page 19 of his book The Gathering
of the Forces of Light: UFOs and Their Spiritual Mission that the Day of
Declaration would take place within three years of Maitreya's first
television interview, and that we are now past the three years.
Obviously something has changed – that is fine, things do as we
know. Would Benjamin be kind enough to inform us of where things now
stand. Are the books being printed now still stating this three-year
timescale? I believe it is necessary to clarify this situation, because
people are going to ask us about it as we spread the message about

A. Yes, things do change. Throughout my years of work I have been asked
with various degrees of manipulation, how soon Maitreya would appear
– in so many weeks, months, years, in my lifetime (given my mature
age) etc. It has always been quite difficult to satisfy this quite
natural question, which everyone wants to know. The fact is nobody
knows. I don't, my Master says He does not, even Maitreya does not

Nevertheless, every time, pushed to the point by questions for some
date, I ask the Master, He always says in about three years, and at the
time He says it, it sounds logical. It sounds vague, not a hard set
date. Remember, that to the Masters, there is no such thing as time.

If you read the actual answer in the book you will see that it is less
cut and dried than you suggest: "Maitreya is emerging very soon. The
Day of Declaration could be anytime from a year to two or three years
after His first television interview. The Masters and Maitreya Himself
seem to think that the time will be relatively very short indeed. But
whatever the timing, these four spacecraft [Maitreya's
`stars'] will remain in the heavens, seen by an increasing
number of people. Hopefully the media of the world will become more and
more open to reporting on these `stars'."

Q. In a recent interview with Benjamin Creme (seen on YouTube), Mr Creme
stated that Maitreya is in a physical body He created for Himself, but
He can change His appearance at will, and can look quite hideous and
grotesque. The question in mind is, why would a being of light and love
wish to look hideous or grotesque?

A. If you knew the variety of appearances that Maitreya has adopted over
the years you would be amazed at the flexibility which He displays. He
can look like a young and beautiful woman, a gnarled old man, a
toothless jibbering clown, in a huge variety of clothes, sensible or
hysterical. He is still a being of "light and love" but adopts a
persona exactly fitted to the occasion and to the hopes – or
prejudices – of those who are blessed by His presence.

Q. What do you think of the 7th day Sabbath and why people keep Sunday?

A. Sunday, or the Sabbath, is meant to be a day of rest and if people
have worked hard they need a rest. I believe that all people need more
time for leisure, to find themselves and give of their best, that is
from a creative point of view. One of the mistakes of our modern
`civilization' is that so many people today spend most of their
working life in conditions of mechanical drudgery. Leisure is an
essential part of life.

Q. I watched a documentary about Babu (Ambilike Mwasapila), a 76
year-old protestant priest in the small village of Samunge, near
Loliondo, in northern Tanzania, who has given `miracle water' to
over 5,000 people since 2011.

In 1991 he had a dream in which he believes God spoke to him and showed
him a woman with AIDS, and told him which medicine could be given to her
to heal her from this disease. When Babu woke up, he wondered how a tree
could heal AIDS when even doctors can't heal it?

The roots of a Karanga plumtree called Enga Muriaga, is used to produce
the special drink: the roots are cooked in hot water over night and next
day the people are given a cup to drink. Babu says it is only a healing
water when you swallow the drink straightaway and don't carry it
home. People pay about 25 cents for the cup of miracle water: 40 per
cent of the profits go to the church, 40 per cent goes to his co-workers
and Babu receives 20 per cent.

The tree has been investigated by the National Institute of Medical
Research in Tansania. Some of its healing qualities are already known:
it helps to lower high blood pressure, helps diabetics by needing less
insulin and it helps to detoxify and purify the body. But it also heals
AIDS. Joyce Elia was healed from the disease after drinking the special
drink: she took an AIDS test twice and the results showed she was
healed. Many people have been healed from severe illnesses such as
cancer, epilepsy and diabetes.

(1) Did Maitreya talk to Babu in the dream? (2) Can it really heal AIDS
and cancer? (3) Is there a reason why the people should drink it only at
Babu's place? Why should they not take bottles home with them? (4)
Could a potion of this tree be effective in a homeopathic dose to treat
AIDS or cancer, for example? What dilution would you recommend to treat
AIDS, cancer or diabetes?

A. (1) Yes. (2) Sometimes. Healing is not inevitable, but it helps in
many cases. (3) It is not necessary to drink it just at Babu's
place. (4) Yes, in 30c potency.

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