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> > Q. Is the skeleton that was exhumed in a carpark in
> > Leicester, England,in September 2012, really that of
> > King Richard III?
> > A. Yes, it was King Richard III, maligned by Shakespeare
> > and of course the Tudor dynasty.
> Who puts these questions? This latter is now de rigueur
> for anyone with a newspaper or TV. But if Creme had come out
> with Richard's location a few years ago - now that would have
> been something.
> [Jeez, I'm channeling Sal-Vin now. Having said that, I believe
> the lady who was the driving force behind the body's discovery
> has attributed her success to woo-woo, at least in part.]

It was Phillippa Langley

OMG, a comment there...

Was it a *hunch* that led Phillipa to Richard III's body?

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