vid on "My Guru - Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri"
[page 475 - Yogananda quotes Sri Yukteswar as saying]:
"My child" his voice rang out, vibrating into my very soul-firmament, "whenever 
you enter the door of nirbikalpa samadhi and call on me, I shall come to you in 
flesh and blood, even as today".

"With this celestial promise Sri Yukteswar vanished from my sight.  A 
cloud-voice repeated in musical thunder: "Tell all! Whosoever knows by 
nirbikalpa realization that your earth is a dream of God can come to the finer 
dream-created planet of Hiranyaloka, and there find me resurrected in a body 
exactly like my earthly one. Yogananda, tell all!"
On page 473, Yogananda says "Angelic Guru," I said, "your body looks exactly as 
it did when last I wept over it in the Puri ashram.".
[Sri Yukteswar replies]:

"Oh, yes, my new body is a perfect copy of the old one.  I materialize or 
dematerialize this form any time at will, much more frequently than I did while 
on earth.  By quick dematerialization, I now travel instantly by lighy express 
from planet to planet or, indeed, from astral to causal or to physical cosmos." 
My divine guru smiled.  "Though you move about so fast these days, I had no 
difficulty in finding you at Bombay".

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> Yogananda claims that his dead Guru Sri Yukteswar appeared to him in a 
> Resurrected, physically manifested body in 1936.:
> ...[excerpts from Autobiography of a Yogi, Chapter 43]:
> Y explains: "As prophets are sent on earth to help men work out their 
> physical karma, so I have been directed by God to serve on an astral planet 
> as a savior. [Hiranyaloka]. The dwellers on Hiranyaloka are highly developed 
> spiritually; all of them had acquired, in their last earth-incarnation, the 
> meditation-given power of consciously leaving their physical bodies at death. 
>  No one can enter Hiranyaloka unless he has passed on earth beyond the state 
> of sabikalpa samadhi into the higher state of nirbikalpa samadhi".
> .
> [Footnote, page 458 states]: "In sabilkalpa samadhi the devotee has attained 
> realization of his oneness with Spirit but cannot maintain his cosmic 
> consciousness except in the immobile trance state.  By continuous meditation 
> he reaches the superior state of nirbakalpa samadhi, in which he may move 
> freely in the world without any loss of God-perception."
> "In nirbikalpa samadhi the yogi dissolves the last vestiges of his material 
> of earthly karma.  Nevertheless, he may still have certain astral and causal 
> karma to work out, and therefore takes astral and then causal reembodiments 
> on high-vibrational spheres".

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