Preacher Steve Hill ("the fiery evangelist from the Brownsville Revival") 
claims to have had a Divinely inspired prophetic vision from God:
Charisma Magazine April 2013 says "False teachings running rampant within he 
American church have a created a "whiteout" condition for millions of 
believers. Here's how to detect - and overcome - these destructive doctrines 
before it's too late".
Then Hill lists 7 heretical teachings in the possible "avalanche" overcoming 
1.  Overemphasis of Prosperity

2.  Exaggerated View of Grace.
....[my comment: this refers to "hyper-grace" teachings of some who 
...."live in sin" and use hyper-grace (i.e. readily available
....forgiveness) to justify repeated sins. In other words, do what you
....want since all the Christian needs is forgiveness to eradicate 
....sin, then repeat the process.]

3. Antinomianism - "against law" [this is an extreme form of hyper-...grace]. 
"In practice, it means that "anything goes" since Jesus 
...has set us free."
4. Deification of Man "We are in grave danger worldwide as millions upon 
millions gaze upon man rather than God".

5. Challenging the Authority of the Word [truth comes from God via the Bible].

6. Rejecting Hell

7. Universal Reconciliation. 

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