Its called a form of sexual slavery

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threatens to commit suicide

Yes her claim is seeming more and more ridiculous and implausible, you are on 
record here accepting them immediately and at face value though.

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> Now, teacher alleges Girish Chandra Varma raped her for 15 years
> Rageshri Ganguly
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> , TNN | Mar 25, 2013, 09.21 PM IST
> BHOPAL: In a surprising turn of events, a teacher of Maharishi Vidya Mandir
> (MVM) Ratanpur, who had earlier alleged sexual harassment
> <>  against
> chairman of the group Girish Chandra Varma
> <> , went to
> the Mahila Thana
> <
> panyid-12537.cms>  with her husband on Sunday to file an FIR
> <>  of repeated rape in the same
> case. 
> Though the police did not register an FIR, the police station received her
> written complaint. 
> The victim alleged that the police were under pressure from Varma and she
> would move court with a private complaint. 
> In the fresh complaint, the teacher alleged that Varma not only repeatedly
> raped her for 15 years from 1998, but also wanted her to bring students and
> teachers of MVM <>  to him with
> bad intention. Also, she had alleged that Varma had threatened her and her
> husband with dire consequences, including death threats, if they did not
> comply with his wishes. 
> After coming out of thana, she alleged, "the attitude of the investing
> officer of sexual harassment case changed after she received a call on her
> mobile phone and she said that the investigation of the previous complaint
> is still on and hence any action would be taken only after into the case of
> sexual harassment." 
> IO Seema Patel, on the other hand, remained tight-lipped.
>   _____ 
> Victim, Girish Chandra Varma with sexual harassment 
> threatens to commit suicide
> MUMBAI: The woman complainant who had charged Girish Chandra Varma of
> Maharshi Group <>
> with sexual harassment and rape has threatened to commit suicide if police
> failed to register an FIR. The woman had on Sunday approached the police
> alleging that Varma, chairman of Maharishi Vidya Mandir (MVM) group, had
> raped her for 15 years. 
> The couple also demanded that Varma should resign from the post of chairman
> on moral grounds. The complainant and wife of Rajesh Sharma told media at a
> press conference here on Monday that the only way left for her and her
> family was to commit suicide. "Unless the police register an FIR under
> sections of rape against Varma I would commit suicide in front of the chief
> minister's residence within a week," the complainant said. 
> "We would have to take the Geetika Sharma way ( suicide )to convince the
> world that we are truthful," Sharma told the media. 
> The couple also revealed the circumstances under which the victim was raped
> repeatedly by Girish Chandra Varma, including the last time on January 1,
> 2013 in his Audi <>  car. 
> The couple questioned that when the new rape law is in place, why the FIR
> was not being registered. "In the name of investigation, police are just
> dilly dallying since March 11. When I have detailed out the circumstances of
> rape as asked by the police and have named Varma as the accused why an FIR
> is not being registered in this case?," the complainant alleged. 
> "It is also highly objectionable that police are accepting Varma's statement
> provided to them in a CD rather than interrogating him face-to-face," she
> said. 
> The victim in her complaint has stated that Varma possessed some
> objectionable pictures and videos of her taken during the rape, which he had
> threatened to make public unless she complied with his demands. 
> "Since our families knew each other much before my marriage, I tried to sort
> out the matter at the women's panel. But since that has proved futile, the
> police should file an FIR in this matter," she said. 
> The complaint also alleged that Varma had used her husband's e-mail account
> since October 2011 for sending mails and money transactions which later made
> out as proof <>
> against her. "Also, my husband was made to sign on many blank papers while
> he was his personal secretary, which is now being used against him," she
> said. 
> She reiterated that Mahila Thana
> <
> panyid-12537.cms>  investigating officer (IO) Seema Patel initially heard
> her complaint on Sunday but then after a phone call received by her, refused
> to even hear her complaint and also slammed the state women's commission
> (SWC). 
> 'Defamation does not hold good' 
> A police officer told TOI, on condition of anonymity that the defamation
> case levelled by the complainant does not hold much water as the law says
> that till an FIR has been registered, no rule says that the name should be
> kept a secret. Also, the husband of the woman, Rajesh Sharma, had openly
> disclosed her name on Facebook.' Previously, the complaint filed in the
> women's cell was forwarded to the SP Bhopal
> <>  who on enquiry by the
> SDOP Misrod has the complainant's written statement that she doesn't want
> any police action in the case and proceedings of state women's commission
> (SWC) were enough. 
> Meanwhile, ADG women's cell Aruna Mohan Rao told TOI, "We would examine all
> the allegations levelled by the complainant and conduct an enquiry into
> them. Any action however would be taken after seeking a legal opinion."


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