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> Don't be silly; they didn't have to. Such polls are 
> participated in by nerds who don't have a life and
> who tend to mistake the gadgets they play with *for*
> one. They're as meaningless as asking people on FFL
> who have done TM *and nothing else* for decades to
> vote for "What is the best form of meditation." 
> That said, and *not* sharing your fascination for
> telephones and such gadgets, I am now working on a 
> cross-platform application development tool that 
> allows developers to "write once, build many times,"
> and thus support almost every mobile platform out
> there. Almost. The one obvious missing OS/mobile
> platform is Symbian. When I asked why, I already
> knew the answer; the company (a rather large one,
> with a rather global view of the market) doesn't
> feel that either Symbian or Nokia has a future.

Have you ever tried Windoze Phoney? IMO, it's by far
worse than even Symbian. It's hard for me to understand
how anyone could like it or even stand it!

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