Michael Jackson:
> Richard W, we all know the blabbity blab blab about 
> all things TM coming from some Buddhist temple or 
> other so no need to repeat it...
So, let's sum up what we know.

Most historians agree that the enlightenment tradition
came from the pre-Vedic practices in India - there's
no mention of Yoga in the Vedas and there's no mention
of any bija mantra usage.

The historical Buddha (circa 463 B.C) was the founder 
of the enlightenment tradition in India. 

Buddha taught yoga, what Eliade terms introspective 
'enstasis'. Yoga was later systematized by Patanjali 
(circa 200 B.C.). This all explainedin Eliade's 
definitive book on yoga cited below. According to 
Eliade, the yoga system is unique to South Asia.

Shakya the Muni defined 'enlightenment' as the
dispelling of the illusion of the individual 
soul-monad. Patanjali pretty much agrees with this; 
Patanjali taught *isolation* of the Purusha from the 
prakriti by yogic means. 

"Confusion arises from erroneously identifying words, 
objects, and ideas with one another; knowledge of the 
cries of all creatures comes through perfect 
discipline of the distinctions between them" (Yoga 
Sutra 3.17). 

'Yoga: Immortality and Freedom'
by Mircea Eliade
Princeton, Bollengen Foundation
Second Edition 1969
Paper: 0-691-01764-6
The standard text on Yoga; scholarly; definitive, by 
the author of 'Shamanism', The Myth of the Eternal 
Return, History of Religious Ideas, etc.
p. 264

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