Just in for a quick lunch and catching up.  Beautifully explained, Nablusoss.  
Thanks.  A taliban's version of the New TM Movement.  Very tight, I like the 
last two paragraphs that really catch the 
ultra-tru-believer's element in this for perspective.  Many are the interested 
elements in this community.  It is hard to say any one thing about meditators 
or the movement.  It's a bit of a three-ring circus to watch.
-Buck out standing in his field.          

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, nablusoss1008 <no_reply@...> wrote:
> Thanks John, beautiful post in it's positivity. And unique on this forum 
> because you are one of perhaps only 5 posters here altogether that does TM 
> regularily and have a non-agressive take on the TMO. So your idea of sending 
> it here was perhaps a bit too enthusiastic, it will unfortunately only fuel 
> more vile attacs on the TMO from the regulars here, most of whom have not 
> done TM in decades.
> Aside from that it is impossible to disagree with you on any point, except 
> for perhaps the most important; your idea that the
> "The goal of this organization is not to appeal to a particular leader or 
> person, but to the widest possible audience who will appreciate and practice 
> the TM program in its purity."
> and
> "....reach the widest possible audience who will appreciate and practice the 
> TM program in its purity. This is the goal. This is what the TM organization 
> is about." 
> This is a widespread misunderstanding due largely to being stuck in 
> Maharishi's old thinking or having been exposed only to this timeframe of 
> Maharishi's philosophy on video, strategies that were perfect until about 
> 1985. As the Age of Enlightenment grew and became an irreversible process the 
> old thinking based on the individual was replaced with the concern for 
> groups, and ultimately the whole world. Already in 1980, after having 
> prevented the WWII during the winther of 1979, Maharishi said "From today no 
> more meditators are necessary". Thus Maharishi's focus shifted and the TMO as 
> we know it became in many ways obsolete, left unattended also by it's own 
> Founder simply because it had no more function other than being the 
> safekeeper of the purity of the teaching. No small task, but the real job of 
> securing permanent world peace was given to the Rajas and the Vedic Pundits, 
> a responsebility that remains theirs to this day.
> So my advice to you would be to "stay calm and carry on". Continue with your 
> beautiful programme, knowing that some obstacles like bad smell or bad food 
> or whatever will be thown into the mix at regular intervals, they don't 
> matter much. Forget about the mismanagement of the TMO, it is irrelevant for 
> you. Forget that the TMO must become in better shape to save the world, they 
> won't and their task isn't. Let them do their bit as you do yours, life is 
> too short to waste on such small things. 
> One last thing; please see as many as possible of Maharishi's newest tapes 
> that are available on youtube. Perhaps what I've stated above will be 
> clearer. Thank you again for your well meaning post.
> Jai Guru Dev

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