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> > There is nothing to defend about these subjective experiences unless
> they are claiming that they are more than that. I am not trying to prove
> that there is no other world. I don't know. But I am saying that we have
> not learned something new from this type of experience that should make
> us more confident about an afterlife than the dreams we may have enjoyed
> before waking up this morning.
> Sure.  What I  have noticed, for me lately, is that the subjective means
> of gaining knowledge seems to be picking up steam.  And of course, it is
> subjective.   It so happens that it seems to also have applications in
> the practical world.  But for the most part, I am happy to keep my mouth
> shut about it, and let it develop as it may.

We may not be so far apart on this as it might appear.  We may just be drawing 
different lines.  I am also a fan of subjective knowledge, it is where art 
comes from.  Even in scientific knowledge development the parts of the brain 
working on problems often need channels for the creativity to flow out.  So 
there is a dance between conscious and unconscious that I believe art accesses 
to help us use our full creativity.

You may or may not believe there is a trans-personal component to this process 
and I definitely don't see any reason to  believe it yet.  But it may well turn 
out to be a reality in some form. 

Allowing better access to the inner intuition through creative arts is my 
biggest interest in education right now.  Although my goals are not spiritual, 
inner is still inner and I am trying to facilitate it expressing itself.  So if 
there is a God in there too, he will have a nice superhighway to roll out 
pimp'n large with the spinner chrome wheels on his Escalade. 

Or not. 

But either way there are usually ways to test our knowledge that helps us fool 
ourselves a bit less.   That seems important.


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