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> Share to Robin:  I can hardly keep up.  Now we have Defensive Irony?! 
As opposed to Robin Irony which I assume is the Good Irony.
> BTW I made no suggestion about a "Holocaust remedy."  You of course
know this.  Perhaps you had written the word Holocaust in invisible ink?
> In the spirit of your approved Descartes's little technique, I made a
light hearted response about Hitler and valentines.  But you know this
too.  OTOH, a la Descartes, perhaps a valentine to Hitler would have
healed him.  Perhaps not.  And apologies if I'm being too sentimental
according to RWC.  Anyway, think of the movie Citizen Kane for example. 
Rosebud, he said on his deathbed.  Who knows what event can turn someone
into a monster?  Or prevent him from becoming one?  Perhaps only ex cult
> I totally understand your ignoring the rest of my reply, instead
grabbing onto this part and running with it.  And lookie, you've got
your little gang to run with it as well.  Well at least Emily is praying
for me!

Holds her own while being the target of unfriendly attacks?  Nay, she
excels under these circumstances.  Nicely done Share!

> Robin to Steve:  It is indeed Perfect Response. And so is this. But
the verdict is now in.
> Share's response is quite obviously a form of defensive irony to avoid
having to
> reveal whether her initial suggestion of the Holocaust remedy was
> ironically or not. It was obviously a straight answer.

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