I love you taxi, I love you.  This made my day, and it's only 7:58.

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> > Usually they are guilty of being unwilling to face whatever
"reality" is trying to tell them.
> This seems to be one of the axes that Robin's arguments revolve on.
Does 'reality' in fact ever say anything at all? Whatever reality might
be, it seems we, as individuals, spend a lot of time trying to tell the
world how it should be and how we ought to be.
> But the world just does what it does, and people change rather slowly
if at all. This is just a straw man argument that puts Robin in charge
of interpreting what 'reality' wants of us. You never learn anything
from Robin, except that eventually you are under attack for not knowing
what is expected of you.
> It's better to just walk away from that mental prison he wants you to
ensnare you with, unless you feel like jousting, but you need to have a
lot of time on your hands, because you will be swamped with long
discourses which take forever to decipher. Judy seems to indicate she
understands these, but if you ask her to interpret them for you, she
will not comply, for it is beneath her to truck with idiots, and thus
she does not have to demonstrate she understands what Robin says.
> With these two, you will probably not learn much about reality. Judy
will correct bad grammar and logical faults, she is very good at this,
but in an argument she will micro parse you to death. If the subject
matter is music, Judy might be fine to discourse with. If the subject is
poetry, Robin might be fine to discourse with.
> If the subject is reality, that is something you have to eventually
take on just by yourself. There are many aids, but in the end, it is you
alone that has to tackle it.

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