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> So somewhere, somehow, for some reason, you keep gravitating
> toward the opportunity to interact with him. Now either stop 
> whining and complaining or ignore him and all things 'him'
> totally.
> Huh? No he doesn't.

She's right, salyavin. It's happened more than once.

> Curtis is often on here and he always actually
> brings something worth reading, unlike Robin who just
> seems to bring his mental health problems for an airing.

Robin has made many valuable contributions to FFL
when he isn't being harassed by those who find him

> Like Judy, the guy is
> obsessed and it's fucking weird to watch.
> I also can't imagine still being impressed with Robins
> empty cult.

Hard to be impressed by something you don't know
anything about.

> Is only lasting an hour at the mic something to be ashamed of then?
> Seems there is a lot of ego involved there....

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