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> > I am saying is he should shit or get off the pot (to put 
> > it rather crudely). I am making no value judgements here 
> > about the quality of the discourse or even the value of 
> > it. It is just that Curtis keeps coming back for more 
> > all the while lamenting his "predicament". I am just 
> > tired of hearing him whinge, that's all. Either he 
> > should get on with it or move along to the next subject.

Before commenting on your reply, Curtis, which was IMO
just Right On, nailing the somewhat the somewhat 
questionable sanity of Ann's interest in all of this,
I should point out that she has a point. 

Contrary to what others have said here recently, YOU
did not "come back to FFL" as a result of Robin's 
presence here. As I remember it, this last appear-
ance of his was occasioned by YOUR return to FFL. 

He "came back" specifically so he could rag on me
in Judy's absence, and when I didn't react to his
provocations, he turned his attentions to you, hoping 
that he could lure you back into one of his 
"confrontations." In this, he succeeded. After all 
this time, you should know his tactics, and his
intent, and know better than to get involved. But
it's your choice; you seem to be getting something
out of interacting with him, so if so, continue,
as long as it is fun or interesting for you. I am
not in a position to criticize this, having been
sucked into similar "confrontations" with Judy 
for so many years. Finally I decided they -- and
her -- were simply not worth my time. 

Now, to what you said, re Ann...

> My interaction with another poster is causing YOU 
> discomfort.  Think about that.

That's really the issue with Ann's involvement here.
Nothing that goes on between you and Robin concerns
her in the least, but she *takes advantage of it*
to berate you and defend Robin. Given the fact that
we are talking about a person (Ann) who was verbally 
and psychically abused by Robin for 3-1/2 FUCKING 
YEARS, one simply has to wonder WHY.

Ann's act has always had a "Patty Hearst" feel to it
for me, as if she's still carrying a torch for the 
cult leader who captured her attention and sucked her 
into his sick games so many years ago. I still cannot 
help but believe that it is her attachment to the 
intensity that cult experience had for her that drives 
her sad defense of Robin all these years later, and her
inability to see that HIS ACT HAS NOT CHANGED. 

He is *still* trying to run the "I'm in charge here...I
am the cult leader and you *have* to stand there and
let me yell at you because *I* know you better than
you know yourself, because I'm so...so...special and
all...further more you *have* to respond to my yelling" 
act. He tries to run it on you, on me, and on whoever 
else he thinks he can get to fall for it. 

So *many* people here have commented on the nature of
this act that it is incomprehensible to me that Ann
does not, or can not, see it. 

> The issue here is not how I choose my interactions with 
> another poster. It is about the reaction you are having 
> to it.  


Ann has *no place* in the interactions you choose to 
have with Robin. Neither does Judy, or any of her other
minions. WHY do they keep trying to insinuate themselves
into the situation? 

> And one of your blind spots is that you don't have to 
> read any of it.  But you do.
> Obviously there is a level of interest in the interaction 
> for me, but it is not unlimited, and I enforce my own 
> level of interest boundaries, despite being goaded to 
> continue ad infinitum. I continue till I have expressed 
> what I wanted to express and then I stop.  

As any sane person would. 

> There is no end with Robin until I end it and that cycle 
> has repeated itself here many times.

As only an insane person would dispute is the nature
of Robin's game. The man is positively DERANGED behind
keeping you "in the game." I mean, he claims that 
succeeding in getting you to respond to him is "making
you come." THAT'S FUCKING CRAZY, man...over the top, 
straight jacket stuff. 

( At the same time, it is quite revealing that he feels
that way about the "confrontations" he tries to stage.
He probably felt the same way when he was yelling at
Ann onstage. In his mind he wasn't abusing her; he
was making her come. )

> So your advice IS a judgement about the value of the 
> interactions for me, you think I should stop or if I 
> continue, I shouldn't complain about how Robin is 
> acting in the discussion. I have never complained 
> about the choices I have made to interact with him.  
> But somehow the way I am interacting with him bothers 
> you in a way that the way he is interacting with me 
> does not.

Of course. YOU are not submitting to his abuse. She did.

> Think about why this would be important to YOU.


> You are working out your own stuff that is getting 
> triggered from my interaction with Robin. MY interaction 
> with Robin is not the issue you should be focusing on 
> if you spent three and a half years daily with this guy.


> I'm fine.
> Are you fine Ann?

Not in my opinion. What I'm seeing is a cult survivor
still trying desperately -- decades later -- to not only
take the side of the cult leader who abused her, but to
HELP him abuse others by cheering him on when he does it.

That's just sad. 

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