Many of his thoughts in the Yoga Sutras can be related to the ideas in quantum 
physics today.  In sutra III.45, he stated:

"Thence results the manifestation of the powers, such as atomization et cetera, 
perfection of the body and indestructibility of its constituents."

Specifically, animan pertains the miniaturization of the body.  But it could 
also cover the siddhi to see parts of the body, such as the details of the 
retina in the eyes.

This specific siddhi is the prime example that the universe is based on 
consciousness.  Even the dimensions of space and time are based on 
consciousness.  If this is so, the higher dimensions theorized in physics are 
not curbed and hidden within space-time. Rather, these dimensions are the 
various vibrations relating to the states of consciousness in the human 

In other words, the common experiences of waking, sleeping, and dreaming are 
part of the higher vibrations of the space-time continuum.  In effect, all of 
nature, even a rock, experiences a form of waking, sleeping and dreaming.

Ultimately, however, only the human physiology can experience Unity 
Consciousness.  As such, it's fascinating to contemplate that the human being 
is the culmination of creation in the universe.


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