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> > And Hagelin's point is that the behavior of the QM unified field and the 
> > behavior ascribed to consciousness in MMY's interpretation (at least)  of 
> > the vedic tradition are identical in myriad ways. In fact, he claims that 
> > he used MMY''s Vedic Cosmology to guide the mathematical tweaks that Ellis 
> > asked him to perform on Flipped SU(5) and that it was due to those specific 
> > tweaks that Flipped SU(5) became a more robust superstring theory.
> So we really can fly and predict the future from tea leaves?

Allegedly, someone in full-blown Unity (not saying that MMY or anyone else in 
history ever fit this definition) can do just about anything they can conceive 

As Mentor of Arisia used to say: a Truly Competent Mind could observe one 
artifact from a universe and determine everything there is to know about that 
universe. By extension, a Truly Competent Mind could manipulate any and all 
aspects of that universe as part of knowing everything there is to know about 

You gotta read more 1930's science fiction if you want to understand these 
things properly.


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