> What sort of stuff do you play Willy? I can picture 
> you with maraccas.
This is funny - I don't listen to recorded music that 
much anymore, but I've always been a jazz fan. Austin 
is the live music capitol of the world. Go figure.

Sometimes I like to play 'World Turning' on vinyl 
(from 'Rumours' by Fleetwood Mac, their first album 
with Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham), on the 
Yamaha system out back - we love the Mick Fleetwood 
drum solo with the volume turned about half way up. 

Christine McVie is very powerful on on this tune - 
a collaboration with Buckingham. Don't try this at
home with your headphones. LoL!

Fleetwood Mac 'World Turning'

Fleetwood Mac, Rumours - Vinyl LP:

'Making Rumours: The Inside Story of the Classic 
Fleetwood Mac Album' 
by Ken Caillat  
Wiley, 2012

> I think you should post a video of you dancing...
It's all about the Polka. 

Dancing is real big around here. I recently took 
dancing lessons at the university by joining a folk 
dance group to learn world dancing. 

We really like the two-step around here, 2/4. Polka 
music and dancing the two-step is sort of like a 
the 'polska', which has a 3/4 beat; a Swedish dance 
style, but the Polka dance is apparently from 
Polish roots. 

Polka music has very popular ane over time evolved 
into Ragtime dances, Rockabilly and Cajunta music 

Further south, polka music began to sound a lot 
like Cajun music. My favorite is the 'Beer Barrel 


Polka Swing Two Step:

Texas Saturday Night:

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