If you have HBO you may be able to catch it today or tonight VOD. At 
least Comcast shows it available through today that way.  I think it 
should be offered on HBO's YouTube channel like they did their four part 
obesity series.  Everyone in the US should see this.  It is about 8 
families dealing with homelessness in Portland, Oregon and what brought 
them there.  It is about the efforts of a community run agency to help 
these people.  What got me applauding was how the leaders of these 
efforts nailed what happened to our economy to put people there.  You 
will recognize many of the same reasons I often post here.

It is not the fault of these people they are homeless and that is 
something when I come across someone depressed because of unemployment 
or losing their home I emphasize.  I like to flip that depression to 
anger and activism.  Why anger?  Because wimpy activism doesn't work.  
The culprits need some fear for any change to happen if it can at all 
(what do you do with 250 trillion dollars in bad paper and the rich 
insisting on getting their money).

My only fault with this film is that it might have helped to find some 
folks who had incomes of $100K or more a year finding themselves 
homeless or unemployed.  That's even more astounding especially with 
people who have loads of experience.  And it happens more to people at 
that level than with blue collar jobs.  Things are a bit upside down.

Most all these people were willing to work but not finding jobs. There 
is a case of degreed medical worker who though she found work was only 
being paid minimum wage.  The minimum wage when we were younger were for 
the light unskilled jobs you might take for a while.  And employers even 
expected you to leave if you found something better and they had no 
problem replacing you.  Back then one could afford to buy a car, rent a 
house, eat well and even have money left over with a minimum wage job.   
So the problem might not be wages but too high a cost of living mainly 
inflated by hedge fund speculators who should be in prison.

If you have a chance, please see this documentary:

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