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> > Oh my. I missed this earlier in the day. Barry, Barry, 
> > you were right. It's not about defending x,y, or z.  
> > It's really about a very demented, pinched, and unhappy 
> > person.  My compassion reaches out to her.
> Steve, naturally I agree with you.

Never a truer statement was made. For a guy who claimed only yesterday that he 
would rather take a dump away from any chance of it hitting Judy because he 
didn't want his excrement to be somehow sullied by touching her needn't make 
such a laughably obvious statement here or now.

 This message to 
> Share just *drips* with hatred and malevolence, not
> to mention the delusional belief that Judy "knows" 
> what people karmically "deserve." 

If Judy's was dripping this entire post is about to become a torrent. 
> Trying hard to be compassionate myself,

Another howler.

> I should point
> out something about Judy that makes her a victim of 
> her own impulses. It is a trait that she exemplifies
> here on FFL the most, but it is also a trait shared
> by Ann, by Robin, by Jim, and others.

Here we go. Get on your wetsuits people.
> They believe that words are more important than actions.

The process of thinking and writing words are actions, dear boy. What one 
writes is a function of thinking, analyzing (well, maybe not in your case) and 
of translating into language things that are significant to us as human beings. 
 You seem to be underestimating the power of communicating through writing.

> In particular, they believe that what *they* say --
> about their motivations, about themselves, about the
> images of themselves they wish to push out, about 
> others, about *anything* -- are more important than
> their actions, and the INTENT those actions reveal.

Er, half of this is gibberish (you need to write more clearly) and the other 
half is you doing exactly what you claim others do.

> Judy *believes* Robin because she believes what he 
> *says* about himself. She believes in his words so 
> strongly that this belief renders her incapable of
> perceiving his actions, which are often in complete
> opposition to what his words claim. 

Um, Steve and Share?

>Naturally, she
> does the same thing about herself, *saying* things
> about her supposed motivations (to "protect people
> who have been wronged," etc.) that are *said* to
> mask the fact that (IMO) she is just dumping on 
> another of her targets because she's an old, bitter
> woman who at this point in her life can do nothing
> else. 

Can we all agree the dripping has now become a raging river?
> Although I am the first to point out

No you aren't. You were waaaay behind the 8 ball on that one.

 >that the Fred
> Lenz - Rama guy I studied with was more than a little
> bonkers in many ways, he also taught me some things
> that I still consider valuable. One of them was, 
> "Listen to what people say, but watch what they DO."

Oh, that takes an 'Einstein' to come up with that third grade pearl of wisdom. 
You paid the guy how much to listen to such inanities?
> That has been one of my guidelines ever since. I 
> really *don't* ever believe thoroughly in what people
> *say* about themselves and their beliefs and their
> motivations. I watch what they DO. Their actions 
> reveal the "real" them. The words are just words.

Oh dear, oh dear. I'll just leave this how it lies. It's too unwieldy to move.
> Given the example below, Judy's words are nasty
> and could not reek more of superiority and arrogance
> and hatred if she had tried to capture those things
> consciously.

What? What does this mean? 

 Whatever she may try to say *about* 
> what she said, the fact remains that she said it.

I'll give you that.

> THAT was an action. And that action speaks volumes. 

Hey, I thought words weren't actions. Words are just words you said. God, now 
you've really confused me. Maybe if I read this post a few more times some sort 
of sense will emerge. I'm an optimist that way. You just HAVE to be with you, 
Barry, I've found.

But I do thank you for this first-of-the-morning writing opportunity. It 
provides such a mixture of humour and unintended irony for me to address. It 
kind of gets the mental muscles flexing before I have to go out and get the 
physical ones going. I wonder if mental muscles exist or if only the physical 
ones count? Both forms this morning are dealing/going to deal with a lot of 
poop, that much I know. Now off to find that pitchfork.

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> > > > Thanks so much for your nurturing words feste. Big karmic burn
> > > > happening.
> > > 
> > > About time some of the rotten karma you've accumulated
> > > here started burning you. Let's hope you learn something
> > > from it.

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