Well, at least *someone* got a Taste of Utopia.

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> Too bad they redacted the names
> #156: Most people didnt even know *** was fired, MUM tried to make it as 
> quiet as possible because *** was fired for illegitimate relations w/ 
> young Asian exchange students. He was embezzling money from the *** 
> department and he would have these girls come to his office in the *** 
> building and lock the door while they would be in there receiving '*** 
> education services' from him. He got caught when one of the girls came 
> and found him in his office w/ one of her peers and she made a huge 
> scene in the ***. After investigating it was determined he had 
> uncountable multiple inappropriate relations over the semesters and was 
> giving these girls course credits and work study money for their 
> 'services'.

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