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Subj: Attack the Republicans Who Tried to Sell  Away Your Gun Rights for 

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04/20/2013  Dear  William,
We  cannot relax our vigil on the Second Amendment after the Democrats'  
gun-grabbing amendments went down to a stinging defeat earlier this  week. 
In  fact, now is the perfect time to try to pull the traitors in the GOP  
back in line and remind them of their oath of office. 
The  actions of the Republican Senators who voted with the Democrats have  
been shameful, especially now that we know HOW the deal was  struck.
16  Republicans crossed the aisle and voted with the Democrats to kill the  
Rand Paul-led filibuster and voted with them to curtail the Second  
Here's  the reason:  Senator Mark  Kirk (R-IL) says the Democrats liquored 
them up. 
We wish  this were a joke, but Mr. Kirk told Roll Call that they were  
plied with liquor at ribald parties while on board a fancy yacht owned  by Sen. 
Joe Manchin (D-WV) in order to reach a "compromise deal" to take  away your 
gun rights. 
Esau  gave up his birthright to Jacob over a bowl of pottage  (soup). 
Sixteen  Republicans tried to sell out our Second Amendment heritage after  
attending booze-soaked parties on a swanky, bikini-style  yacht.       
But  this fight over gun control isn't over - not by a long  shot! 
_If we can convince 10 of  these drunken sailors of the Republican Party to 
sober up and join  the filibuster group, we can kill the 
Reid-Feinstein-Obama  gun-grabbing bill when it is  reintroduced!_ 
Senator  Kirk told reporters that the Democrats and Republicans would often 
 meet on Senator Manchin's yacht, the "Black Tie" which was  anchored in 
the National  Harbor.  
   This is an  image of Sen. Manchin's
Bikini-Boat... your tax money in  action   
In  describing the negotiations Kirk said, "Sometimes alcohol might be  
served and ties might... get loosened." 
Judging  by the image of Senator Manchin's boat, pictured above, the ties 
were  not the only things that were loose at these parties.
Senator  Manchin was surprised when reporters asked about his yacht's role 
in the  gun-grabbing negotiations - but then he admitted it as well! 
Manchin  said both Democrat and Republican Senators attended these parties 
to  "break the ice" (and the Constitution). 
_Click  here to see the list of the 16 Republican Senators who voted 
against the  filibuster to preserve the Second Amendment._ 
31  Senators voted to sustain the filibuster when it came up for a  vote. 
That  means we only need to convince 10 more to join it - and this  
unconstitutional gun grab will be dead in the water when Harry Reid  brings it 
We  need to keep relentless pressure on these sellouts and shame them  into 
doing the right thing. 
They  need to defend the Constitution and  our gun rights, rather  than 
getting drunk with the Democrats and selling away our  freedoms for a bottle of 
_Please send FaxGrams to  these 16 Republican Senators today! Tell them to 
join the  filibuster and preserve the Second Amendment!_ 
All  of our remaining freedoms hinge on winning this  fight!  
Remember,  support for this filibuster started out with just 3 Senators: 
Rand Paul,  Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. 
Now  that number has grown to 31. If we get 10 of these sellout Republicans 
 to sober up and join the constitutional American side of this fight we  
will have achieved victory! 
_That's  why we need as many people as possible to send faxes to them as  
well!_ (https://prayfor.us/campaign-002/)  
You can  help by sending this link to your family members, friends and  
acquaintances who are serious about preserving the Second  Amendment: 
You can  also help spread the word by sharing this message on your social 
media  account. Just use the buttons at the bottom of this message. 
To  contact your Senators directly and tell them to defend your gun rights, 
 here is the number to the Senate switchboard:  (202)  224-3121.
Sincerely,        Charles  Benninghoff, Founder
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