Michael Jackson:
> I was a real TM true believer...
Yes, I hate the admin of my old school, and some 
of the  teachers, but I got out of them what I 
needed and pretty  much ignored the rest. 

But, you don't make it clear if you were a student 
or not and what degree you were pursuing. 

I know it must be tough trying to work as a 
full-time baker and at the same time learning 
English, but I was trying to get  a degree in 
IT while working as a fulltime janitor.

Maybe you were a decent baker at that religious 
school up in Iowa, and maybe you did chant some 
nonsense gibberiesh syllables at night inside a 
pagoda -'mantras' - I don't know. Go figure.

But, you don't seem to know very much about yoga 
for having been up there for two years doing 
baker-zen. Did you have any gurus up there? I used 
to know Robert Keith Wallace and his brother 
Peter at 433 and SIMS. 

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