Michael Jackson:  
> Give it up, Richy, I got names, dates and events...
Nobody I know up there ever heard of a 'Michael Jackson' 
being a 'baker', student, or anything else. Apparently 
nobody on this list ever heard of Michael Jackson ever 
even being in Fairfield. Go figure.

> > > you have shown time and again here that you 
> > > use any occasion to make the most extremist 
> > > statement, and a good deal of plain nonsense 
> > > too. So I doubt any careful observer cares 
> > > much anymore.
> > >
> > He seems to be kind of weird for someone who 
> > claims to have got more than one bija mantra
> > from MMY or his other teachers. I wonder where 
> > he got the other 'mantras', and why? 
> > 
> > He doesn't seem to have done well in school 
> > and he seems to have a lot of time on his hands 
> > these days. Did he get expelled or drop out or 
> > get fired? Nobody I know, including Kirk, who 
> > was also a cook up there, ever heard of him
> > baking anything in the kitchen or practicing 
> > anything in the dome.
> Perhaps MJ wasn't even there ever. Would fit in with the rest of his confused 
> claims.

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