the fact that they imply is one of their smoke and mirrors bull manure - if 
they can do it, let 'em prove it - I expect it will be the same type of TMO 
proof we have always gotten, you know the TMO "Just believe it cuz we say so 
and give us some money to support it too."

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Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: a WONDERFUL formula

I'm not sure where I mentioned  "out of character" and "releasing stress" in 
this conversation, but it might apply...

The DLF implies that there are teachers specifically trained to work with PTSD 
victims. Perhaps they have more detailed instructions on how to deal with 


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> Time will tell for people with PTSD but as even you say about people
> uncovering and releasing stress that makes them act out of character
> in unpleasant ways, can we be sure that teaching a technique known
> to do this to combat vets a great idea? 


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