thx, Anita's book could be used as a text on Neo-Advaita; but unfortunately 
imo, contains elements of "Faux" Advaita which if parsed and analyzed would 
have parallel comments in this forum going back a few years.
One example: she clearly extrapolates her personal experience of the Self with 
ALL dead people, assuming that all dead people merge with the Absolute and 
there's no "place" in that state; thus you will find no mention in her book of 
Locale I environments.
Based on my own astral experiences in meeting up with dead people, I disagree 
with her presumption about the fate of the dead.  (some are in dire need, 
trapped in purgagories and probably not in a non-dual state but at least far 
from "happy"); let alone those in actual hells as reported in about 10% of 
Thus she goes too far in assuming everybody after death is "happy", free of bad 
karma, and in a non-dual state.

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> I liked Moorjani's book a great deal more that Alexander's - he was "trying" 
> to prove he had the experience, while she simply said this is what happened, 
> take it or leave it.
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> Subject: [FairfieldLife] Anita Moorjani's NDE
> Received her book, "Dying to Be Me"; an account of her NDE and miraculous 
> healing from near terminal cancer.
> On the whole, a purely Advaitic account, with some possibly erronous 
> suppositions.  Doesn't have the rigor of Dr. Eban Alexander's book; the 
> latter pretty much "covering" his points with comments make in anticipated 
> advance of criticisms by the likes of Shermer and others.
> But for those who have not read either, I'll mention a few important points.
> ...
> 1. Eben wrote his book AFTER getting involved in the Monroe Institute (uses 
> the hemisync technology to precipitate "Journey's out of the Body" (Cf. book 
> by Robert Monroe).  Briefly, there are (as I recall), three "Locales" I - an 
> environment similar to that of the earth....houses, people, landscapes, 
> mountains, etc; i.e. an astral world similar to that of the earth.
> .
> Locale II. An "otherworldly" enviroment, mixing the usual environments with 
> fantastical types of people, buildings, and various visionary elements akin 
> to the more unusual categories of fantasy art.
> .
> Locale III - merges into pure realms of Light and Sound, but Intelligences 
> may be present.
> ...
> Various Divine Beings such as Jesus may appear in all three Locales.
> ...
> Now back to Dr. Alexander:
> His NDE started out in Locale I after exiting a hellish environment of 
> clashing and grating sounds.  Met up with his deceased Sister.
> In Locale II, saw what appeared to be Angelic Beings.
> In Locale III, merged with the OM.  He equates "God" with the OM and with 
> Pure Consciousness..
> ..
> He's a nominal Christian but didn't see Jesus, nor does he apparently accept 
> the notion of a personal God.
> ...
> Now back to Anita Moorjani:  She seems to have bypassed Locale I and II 
> altogether, but had telepathic and feeling contact with her dead Dad and her 
> best friend who previously died of Cancer.
> ...
> Then she seems to have merged completely (but temporarily) into Brahman, and 
> she equates "God" with Being and with "Universal Energy".
> ...
> That's about it for these NDE's.

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