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>> I hope his teachers schedule extra checking for him. OTOH, if he tweeted 
>> just after learning, then a lot of his misconceptions will have already been 
>> cleared up by now.
> Expecting it to improve *everything* is a tad ambitious
> for the first week, but good luck to him. I imagine he
> needs a bit of peace after all the lawsuits that have been
> thrown at his hideous "news" network. All the revelations
> about the phonehacking scum in his employ who probably thought
> they'd never get caught. And all the, two-faced, cowardly
> politicians who finally turned on him after years of black-
> mail and denied him and his lawless family of parasites at
> News International almost complete control of British media.
> He must have lost billions, if he hasn't the courts in this
> country should keep at him until his brand of humiliation
> as entertainment and his vile right-wing tabloids are as much
> a part of history as the woman who enabled it all, our dear
> departed Maggie Thatch. Just one of her major and unacknowledged
> mistakes.
> Hopefully we'll never see his like again (once we've somehow
> got rid of the Daily [hate] Mail). Or maybe TM will reverse
> his fortunes! "Nature support" has to work for someone after
> all. Yes, he probably needs a bit of peace of mind.

Funny thing is that FX, the FOX cable channel has some of the best 
programming around.  It's current hit is "The Americans" about KGB spies 
during the 1980s in America.  Also "Justified" which I know has some 
fans here.  "American Horror Story", "Louis CK", "Sons of Anarchy", 
"Legit" are more of my favorites.  I read an interview back in the 1990s 
with Rupert in Esquire magazine where he said all he was concerned about 
was the TV shows are profitable.  He keeps hands off FOX and FX and 
apparently too hands on the news properties. Stu once said that FOX was 
the easiest to work for. Apparently not so many MBAs trying their hand 
at seasoning the TV series soup as with the other networks.

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