dear Ravi, even before I read this tale of grandsons illustrious and otherwise, 
I was remembering that sweet sweet photo of you with your Grandmother.  See how 
in tune we are?!  Anyway, IMHO what's in that photo is what's really important 
in life.  


 From: Ravi Chivukula <>
To: "" <> 
Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 2:59 AM
Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: to azgrey was what a Sunday on FFL

Dear Share,

A sincere apology entails honesty, accountability and integrity and you show 
none of these qualities - all we see is this bait and switch of an impending 
apology while you continue along your phony, passive-aggressive, 
platitude-filled posts.

You continue this week after week, this bait and switch strategy and I can 
clearly see this.

Year 2043 - you are in ICU, you can't talk but due to the advances made after 
the hugely popular book of Dr. Curtis M - "NDE's - the perspective of the 
Epistemological Purity of Neuroscience" - my grandson who is your attending 
neurosurgeon, and the only Neurosurgeon to be enlightened, analyzes your brain 
scans which Steve's grandson converts as posts to FFL.

You are already wildly popular as the leading subject of Dr. Curtis M's book, 
the only person in history who slips into NDE every week. Robin's not alive but 
his brain scans show he had an ADE(After Death Experience) and is in heaven 
chilling with Jesus forcing God to get an Internet connection so he has access 
to Merriam Webster and a decent ability to keep up with Robin.

But my super intelligent, enlightened grandson doesn't break the news of 
Robin's passing away considering your fragile state.

Yet week after week your posts still reflect your willingness to reconcile with 
Robin interspersed with your other phony, passive-aggressive, platitude-filled 

Feste and Steve are not around but your sweet-talking, damsel in distress 
routine means there are no dearth of shameless, brainless, clueless idiots who 
are ensnared into defending you at all costs - why, Steve's grandson is one of 
them, continuing in the illustrious footsteps of his grandfather.

On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 8:23 PM, Share Long <> wrote:

>Judy if it's not, as you say below, you with whom I need to make it right, 
>then why have 
you spent the last almost 8 months badgering me about it?!  I'm actually 
starting to think that you don't want me and Robin to reconcile.  In 
fact you said something to that effect just recently to another poster.  
>As for the records, if you want something expunged from them, then I guess you 
need to speak to Rick and or Alex about it.  But again, I actually don't
 think that's what you really want either.  No, I think what you really 
want is an excuse to keep attacking me for some seriously neurotic reason that 
exists only in the depths of your neglected psyche.
>I'm guessing that Robin has not asked you to be his spokesperson in this 
>matter.  In that case, I have nothing further to say to you about it, Ms. 
>Becoming More Sanctimonious Every Nanosecond!   
> From: authfriend <>
>Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 8:37 PM
>Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: to azgrey was what a Sunday on FFL
>--- In, "feste37" <feste37@...> wrote:
>> --- In, "authfriend" <authfriend@> wrote:
>> >
>> > --- In, "feste37" <feste37@> wrote:
>> > >
>> > > You are sounding like a pompous, finger-wagging ass, authfriend.
>> > 
>> > (Says feste pompously, wagging his finger. Gee, and just
>> > yesterday I had melted down and was reduced to sputtering
>> > Yiddish insults. Pretty quick recovery, wouldn't you say?)
>> Indeed, an excellent recovery. Back to your normal self in
>> no time.
>I never was *not* my normal self, feste, as hard as you
>tried to make it appear so.
>> The thing is authfriend, I actually like you, but it makes
>> me mad when you lay into Share the way you do.
>Obviously. (You can call me Judy, by the way.)
>> It seems unfair and disrespectful. Share enjoys FFL, and most
>> people here appreciate her,
>I'd need to see a poll, but this isn't a voting issue. In
>any case, I don't think many here really understand what's
>> so I wish you could stretch yourself and be a little bit
>> nicer to her. Why should that be so hard? The incident
>> that seems to bug you most took place so long ago, why
>> not just forget it, let it go?
>Because it was a terrible, awful thing for her to say, a
>*malevolent* thing for her to say, something that was
>intended to do serious damage to a person who had done
>and was continuing to do his damndest to rectify the
>situation. It was based on Share's misunderstanding of
>something entirely innocuous that he had said. She needs
>to retract it and apologize to him, for the sake of her
>own soul if nothing else.
>> You talk all the time about honesty and truth, but such
>> things are not always as black and white as you would like
>> us to believe. Our opinions about all kinds of things can
>> change as we reflect on them and consider them. A person
>> can react in a certain way at the time to some incident
>> involving someone else, but later (days, weeks, even months),
>> the incident might seem rather different to them than it did
>> at first. So they start to recontextualize it, to think of
>> it in a different light. This happens all the time in 
>> relationships. It doesn't mean the person is being dishonest.
>> Indeed, sometimes it means that they are in fact being very
>> honest -- to their changing feelings and understandings about
>> what took place.
>Generally speaking, all this is true, but not always. I do
>not believe that was the case here, for a number of reasons
>that I've already explained *and documented* a number of
>times that your apologia cannot account for. I don't think
>Share can account for them either, and I strongly suspect
>that's why she has refused to provide a straightforward
>explanation--because if it were honest, it would reflect
>very badly on her, and perhaps even worse on some others.
>> Share has tried in her own way to make it right with you,
>> so why not take a step or two toward her?
>It isn't me she needs to make it right with. And the steps
>she has taken have been designed to get me off her back
>without revealing the real story. She has also refused to
>retract the accusation she made against Robin. She says
>only that she isn't making that accusation *now*--but the
>original accusation is still on the record. It needs to be
>explicitly taken *off* the record; it didn't even come
>close to being true in the first place.
>This wasn't just a minor misstep, feste. This was
>scandalous and entirely indefensible. I would suggest you
>read over my posts to Share about it and her responses,
>because I don't think you've retained the crucial details
>from when you read them the first time (assuming you did).


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