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> > Ravi, you really are wearing me out. I can only toy with you 
> > for so long. It's two hours earlier where you are. I'm getting 
> > ready to turn in. Try something to calm yourself down before 
> > you retire for the evening. That's what I'm going to do.
> Here's something to give you nightmares.
> Ravi and Dr.Dumbass pose for photos:
> http://www.cracked.com/blog/the-10-greatest-wrestler-glamour-shots-all-time/
> :-)

Unnerving, but can't say if if it's more than this gem I found under
their photos:


I was hoping the old story about the couple's car breaking down
on a country road complete with escaped madman who ends up banging 
the boyfriends head on the roof would turn out to be true, but alas.

I'll have to be content with the old one about scratch marks being found on the 
inside of coffin lids after people were buried alive. 
Urgh, I'm going underground with a fully charged mobile....

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